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A Bed on the End of the Bed

A bed on the End of the Bed.

It’s my life I guess.  We have always had a baby bed somewhere in our room, just because it was easier.  Later, after a few more kids, it was because it needed to be.

When the older ones were babies, the crib, at least, was in another room.  The bassinette was in our room while they were so little.  Once they got too big for that, off to the crib they went.  A nursery was a long ago thing, for the older kids.  After the third one, and a new house, no more nursery.  There simply wasn’t room.

We raised 9 kids in that house.

To begin with, we had 2 and a half bedrooms.  I say half because one bedroom was seriously half the size of our already small bedrooms.  Little more than a closet but fine for 2 little girls, later one boy.  Eventually, 4 kids shared a small room and an addition went onto the house.  We added another bedroom which gave us more room and now 2 bedrooms for kids.  Though, during that time, all 5 kids slept in that one room.

Once that bedroom was done, the baby bed, crib,  took up residence in our room.  After our 5th,  it just made sense to leave the baby in our room because our babies didn’t sleep through the night.  I really wanted to sleep through the night.  So we compromised.  Baby slept in our room so that Mommy could get back to her bed quicker.  It seemed like the best way to keep the others asleep..  Naps worked out well then because the baby slept in my room and then the big kids could play in their rooms.  For us, it just worked best.

When Son #5 was a toddler, that crib fell apart.  We needed to get a new baby bed.  While rummaging, (garage sales, yard sales, junk sales whatever you call them) I found a crib and dresser set, for what I could afford and it looked great.  I proudly told my mother “This one is solid.  It should last for another 5 kids.”

Never gave a thought to what I just said.

She almost fell over.

It did.  Well, for 4 more. family quote

Let me just insert here, that house had ONE bathroom.  Yep.  Only ONE.  We made it work.

That bed ended up at the end of our bed for the last few kids.  It just seemed to fit best there.

Once Youngest left the crib and moved into the toddler bed, that crib was left there on the end of the bed for quite some time.  Just in case. Finally, we did take it down and put it away. A crib had been a fixture in my room for a good 10 or so years.  It took a little bit of time for me to be able to put it away.

Now, would you believe, again, there is a bed at the end of the bed. After 8 years without, it is back at the end of my bed. Grandbaby uses it.  I just don’t have any other place to put a bed for him.  It is a pack and play at least.  A temporary bed- with a changing table attachment.  Pretty handy really.

Eventually, we may give up again and put up the crib.  It is still waiting here in storage.

Not sure I am ready for that sort of commitment.






2 thoughts on “A Bed on the End of the Bed

  1. Sounds like you love babies and are ready for grand baby No. 2 🙂 Your actions are saying I want a baby in my room constantly so you attract that 🙂 just on the surface of it…. 🙂

    Julie Syl – Pit Stop Crew


    1. hehee…. We do love babies around here, and yes, we seem to attract them!! heehee… Kids in general really..
      Thanks for reading!


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