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Break That Barrier

I realized something tonight…

I had been pondering this question all day really.  What is it that is keeping me from working on the projects I have and finishing them?

You know how sometimes you over think things and blame this or that or try this method or try that method.  I got all caught up in thinking too much about it.  Is it this reason or that reason?   Am I trying to fail purposely or am I just a failure?

Finally, I got it.  It took a simple question that popped up on my email that night.  Funny how sometimes something so simple can give you the answer you need.

King quoteI realized that sometimes you just need to run that race and complete it.  You need to stay in the trenches.  As a parent, I cannot just quit and not be the mommy anymore.  I can quit some of my responsibilities for a time, but I cannot ever quit being the mommy.  That one goes with me forever now.

Even though it is hard, I need to keep at it and push through. images

What I realized is that I will break that barrier when I complete this project and publish the story.  Until then, I need to just keep pushing and keep trying.  I cannot give up.  I can do this.

I also realized that the longer I procrastinate, the longer this will take.  I could just drop it and let it all fall by the wayside, sure.

d34d6d2bca17cb197598f86e74a2181d But then I would have failed.

Lord knows I do not want to be a failure.  I did not start this project to quit.

I want to succeed and do this.

I need to just stick with it and do it. Finish this race!

Procrastinating…….  Sigh…  Quit overthinking things!

What are you working on that is a bit of a challenge to complete?  How are you doing with keeping at it??




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