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Happy Resurrection Day!

Happy Easter

What a week it’s been!

Here we are to Saturday and I have the house clean.  Mostly. So at least, that part is ready.

I am not at all ready for Easter tomorrow, here at my house, with a birthday, a baptism, and a house full of people coming over!!

Luckily, the kids are all old enough now that if I tell them their Easter treats will come next week they will understand.

That is so weird!!  No little ones around!  Youngest is 10 now and Grandbaby is too little to understand.

Tomorrow is Youngest Sons birthday too.  He is pretty excited about that and he decided that would be a great day to be baptized!  Luckily, I found a sale on some Minecraft stuff that he will love so I have some things for his birthday.  Now, I need to get a little something special for his baptism too.

Now I will have to get out shopping today- along with EVERYBODY else!!  I DO NOT like shopping on Saturday, especially the Saturday before a major holiday!  But, well, this week has been wild and I haven’t gotten out there yet, so I must.

Early in the week, we just had too much going on and a couple of us just weren’t feeling well.  It was odd really- just upset tummies and feeling icky and tired.  Seems to have been some sort of weird virus.

Then the middle of the week we were hit with a freak winter storm- we had everything! Rain, sleet, hail, snow, ice, winds, then the next day- Sun!!  Welcome to spring in Wisconsin!! We were stuck home because of it- it just wasn’t worth going out in the storm.

Funny- Christmas this year, the week before, my kids were playing in huge puddles from rain and it was over 60 degrees.  For Easter they are out building snowmen and shoveling snow!!  Weird weather nowadays!!

Now- here it is Saturday.  And I need to get in gear!!

Happy Resurrection Day everybody!!  He is RISEN!! Christian-happy-easter-images

What a precious God we serve!




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