A to Z challenge · Get it Together

Let’s Do THIS…

I have set some goals and planned out some assignments.  I have figured out some things to do to get on track.

Let’s do this.  k2316314

I realized that I waste too much time and if I would just reclaim that time, I can get these writing projects done.  If I will stop wasting time on the web, FB and my kindle I would have LOTS of time to get some of these things done.

So for the next 52 days, I will be trying just that.  I have been reading Nehemiah and noticed that he completed a wall around Jerusalem by not doing anything else but focusing on that wall for 52 days.  I figure that I could do the same thing.

I will try to blog or at least, write something for a warm up for the next 52 days, A to Z challenge is going on this month, so I may follow that theme.  A to Z I mean- not any specific theme like many do.

can-stock-photo_csp1929174I have a plan.  I have goals set.  If I can stick to that and focus, I should be able to get a chunk done!

Discipline.  Focus.

Funny- I also wrote on my goals and plan to “GET OUTSIDE”!  I love to be outside, but if I am focused too much, I will stay inside and work.  And sometimes, I need to get outside and do something physical to get that creativity back.  Dirt does that to me.

So do the horses.

See you tomorrow!!




New Specials coming out tomorrow.  If you would like to check out for yourself, click on the link to the right to go to my YL page.  




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