A to Z challenge

Let’s Try This Again….


I am starting today.  Again.  I tried yesterday but..  well as you saw, there was not blog post from me yesterday.  Yesterday, I did not do well on the goals and plan I had set.  You see, I failed to plan the A to Z topics.

When you fail to plan out the A to Z topics, or at least, have an idea of what you will do for the A to Z month, you do not have a blog post to put out there.

I like to fly by the seat of my pants on lots of things.  And many times I do that on this blog.  But sometimes, when there is pressure to do something a little more specific and no ideas in mind to fulfill that specific thing, it can make nothing happen.

First day on my time schedule, adding in A to Z as warm up kind of exercise so that I do work on the other projects I have, and I blew it.  Not totally.  I did get some drawing in and someday I will post some of those drawings, but not yet.  I guess I shouldn’t call it a failure.  I should just say that I struggled to get started.


Today is a new day.  Praise God for new days!

I decided I would do both A and B today because I need to catch up a little. I thought that for my theme, I would use some of the things I have pinned or learned about writing and learning the craft of writing.  I have lots of things pinned on my Pinterest board and if you want to check that out, just click here.

a71565eda79bbfd5e31f6aeaf509fe5eA is for Accountability and Authors.  Sometimes we need a little bit of accountability to keep on track.  No matter what goal we are trying to accomplish.  If we want to accomplish a bigger goal- or even on occasion smaller goals, we need to be accountable.

Maybe have a friend who can hold you accountable text you when you know you are supposed to be working on that goal.  Have them make sure you are actually doing what you said you were going to do.

If I want to be an Author, I need to keep myself accountable.   I need to schedule time and then actually take that time.  If I want to be a runner, I need to schedule that time and then actually take that time.

B is for Bad Beginnings and Sit your Butt in that chair. 84ea760daf69dc71a34c3e1df2599be1

Bad beginnings are what you will get when you first start to write.  I reread some of my very first blog posts not too long ago.  They were bad beginnings.  But they are beginnings!  When you are writing, your first drafts are bad beginnings but if you don’t get that down on paper, what else do you have to work with?  A bunch of ideas swirling around in your head?  That’s great but if you don’t get them down on paper, how can you improve them?

Sit you butt in that chair and write them down!  Which seems to be one of my biggest problems.  Often, I don’t feel like I have accomplished anything unless I have been up and moving and DOING something- cleaning, gardening stuff like that.

It is my toughest challenge to sit in that chair and accomplish something a little bit different.  And then shifting my thoughts from “now that is done- I need to get something done.” To “I did accomplish something.  What else can I get done?”

I will throw in a few warm-up topics every once in awhile as well.

What have you learned on your blogging/writing journey?  What is your biggest challenge to learning your new thing?




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