chicken keeping

Green Eggs and…..


I got my first green egg yesterday in over 3 months.  I was a little excited about that.  Weird I suppose.

What can I say? I get excited over the little things.

Like the other day.  I was loading a trailer full of manure for a friend.  He rolled his eyes at me because I was so excited to see the pile FULL of worms!!

But its like this….

We have tried a few ideas when it comes to composting.  This one is the first one that we can see it is really working like its supposed to!  My daughter had this idea to build up 2 large bins.  We sunk in the ground several posts and then fenced them in with 2×6’s on 3 sides.  Inside we dump all the manure, food scraps, and yard waste.  Occasionally I go in with the tractor and scoop up the whole pile and move it to the other pile.img_0133img_0135

Right now, it is composting down to a nice pile of rich, dark earth that will be amazing on my gardens.  And those worms and doing exactly what they are supposed to do.  Break it down.  The pile on the right is the  fresh pile.  The one that needs to “cook” a bit yet. The pile on the left is the one that is breaking down into nice soil.

(This is what happens in the middle of winter when it thaws for a week…  What can I say? MUCK Happens!)

Then that egg got me a little giddy too…  See that egg is from my 4 Americauna hens.  They tend to be a bit more finicky than I expected.  Seems they don’t like all that cold and they take forever to molt.  But they lay the prettiest green eggs.  And their feathers are so colorful!  They have sweet little puffy cheeks.

We have had a bit of a warm week and so I was treated with an egg.  It may be helping that I have been adding a little Rosemary, Oregano, and Basil essential oils to their water to keep them from getting sick.  These three are great natural “antibiotics” and as a bonus, do a little bit of heating them up to get them laying again.  Gets their blood pumping and their bodies working.

Aww…. Thanks. (We will all kindly disregard the wet, muck that is my chicken coop run currently.  Its the annual winter thaw.)

Isn’t it generally the little things that make a persons day?  A smile just when you need one.  A kind look or a door held open.

Someone else changed the toilet paper roll.

A quarter left in the cart return slot at Aldi.

So many things can be done on a daily basis to make someone else’s day.  What happened today that made your day?  What did you do today that made someone else’s day?



P.S.  I haven’t shown you all the pictures of the new coop and the process to create it.  Soon I will do that.  ITS AWESOME!!  And the girls, and also those 5 boys, love it!!

P.P.S.  Here is a little reminder of the Young Living oils specials this month, if you are interested.  You can also check out my facebook page, Oils for Life for more information about oils or ask me questions.

Gotta love freebies!

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