Things for the farm

I have lots of dreams for this property.  Lots of Dreams.

My hubby likes to roll his eyes at me on some of them.  Others he wants to see done as well. And of course, I want it all done yesterday.  It’s just how I roll..

I have learned the last 2 years to work on a schedule.  It just helps me from demanding so many projects and plans from my poor overworked hubby and keeps us both focused on one or two projects at a time.

I tell him he has several hired men, I want one!  Yes, I know I have 3 boys at my fingertips, sometimes.  When they aren’t gone or working. And most of the time, they are a huge help to me.  But sometimes, I need more skilled labor.

Which brings me to my kitchen.  Eli over at Coach Daddy hosted a 6 word challenge this month, as he does monthly.  Check it out when you can.   I love his challenges!  There are some really creative posts!  This time is “Who Would You Give a Million Dollars”.

Its what I tell my family all the time- we will redo my kitchen the way I want it, as soon as I earn my first million selling books!  (Add in there blogging, now that I am back to this!)  Not exactly “Who Would I Give” to, but its what I would do first.

My friend laughed when he heard me say that.  “I can’t wait to see a million dollar, Vicki kitchen!”

I am with him on that!!  I can’t wait too!

Then we have been discussing critters to raise this year.  We have been talking some about more chickens, turkeys and maybe meat rabbits. Chickens we have done before.  May try a different breed though.  Turkeys we have raised as well and I like them well enough.  We are considering doing a few more this next year.

As I have been pondering that over the last few weeks, on my Pinterest feed, there were all these posts about heritage breed turkeys.  Before that, there were tons of rabbit and meat rabbit posts.

There are some great ideas for raising both of them!!  I bought a shed from a neighbor who is moving and I think we could use that to house turkeys and the meat chickens.  Now I just need to decide what breeds to get.

Then the posts about meat rabbits.  Love the idea of a rabbit “tractor”.  Its a great way for your meat rabbits to be housed and they have access to the grass.  You can move them around on the yard then so they always have fresh grass.  A much healthier way to feed your animals and great meat for the family to boot!

And best of all?  I have one “tractor” all ready for some meat rabbits!

There are some awesome colors and quite a variety of breeds of turkeys that I was not aware of.  I can’t wait to dig into all of that! The heritage breeds have some great meat I have learned.  There is a market for them, though not sure people in my area would be willing to pay the price they would cost. Another part of the research I would need to do.

Currently, though, I am getting miniature pigs all over my feed.  Miniature pigs that live in the house.  Miniature pigs that get sweet little play areas and rooting bins.   One even had a specially built house for the backyard.

Miniature pigs.  UUUMMMM…. nope. They might be cute.  They are sort of cute.

But no.  I would maybe raise a pig for meat.  Outside.  Full sized.  To sell or feed my family.

Pigs do not make good house pets.  Remember “If you give a Pig a Pancake”?  (Laura Joff Numeroff- awesome book. One of my many favorites.).

Soon I will do a post with my goals for the year and hopefully, the poster I am going to make to help me keep my goals in front of me!

Have you set any goals for your year?  What are your projects or ideas for this year?





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