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Selfie Time!!

I got my hair done the other day.

It needed to be done.  I was looking a little too “spark-e-ly!” If you know what I mean..  I have been letting my hair grow and I have the stylist add a little purple.  Cuz its fun and makes people smile!

So I thought I would try to do a new picture for here on my blog and on my fb page.  I must have taken a hundred pictures!!

Slight exaggeration, yes.  But- it sure seemed like it!  I had hubby take some.  I deleted them.  I had my kids take some.  Deleted most of them.  I was at Fleet Farm in the chicken food aisle and took a few.  Deleted most of them too.

I think I have a couple I like mostly.

After some serious consideration and posting them on fb then for some other opinions, I decided to put them here on the blog.  And I made the face one my fb profile pic.

The full pic makes me laugh because of all the kid clutter and “crazy-cat lady” dog at my feet.  This is my life!  A chicken in the background would have made it perfect, but I am not one to allow my chickens or my horses in the house.

Funny story…..

A few years back, we had a mini horse named “Thunder” along with our other 2 horses.  He was a grumpy old man, but had such a beautiful face!!


One night, hubby and I were gone to a friends house and the oldest daughter was left in charge.  Oldest Daughter does not like storms.  There was a storm that night.  She panicked a little bit and worried about the sweet mini horse.  She brought him into my SUNROOM so that he wouldn’t get left out in the storm!  Maybe he would get hit by lightning!!!  Gasp…..  Like he hasn’t lived his entire life already in the field in all sorts of weather.

She has never lived that down!

That is one of those family stories that gets retold and retold!!

I will have to get a pic with horses and chickens in it sometime to add to this blog.  For now, I think this one will do.

Or the one of my in the chicken feed aisle at Fleet.  The farm store that I spend most of my fortune!  Chicken feed.  Bedding.  Cat food.  Boots.  Gloves.  Garden supplies and plants.  You name it.  Even my cleaners!

(I don’t use a lot of cleaners, but I can get big bags of baking soda, jugs of vinegar and borax cheaply there.  With those and my essential oils, I clean most of anything.)

So to my hairstylist who did my hair last Friday, THANKS SO MUCH!!  I got so many compliments on it and I am STILL a little shocked.

To my HUBBY, who thought of this all on his own (!!!!!) thank you for paying for my hair to be done, colored, trimmed and styled so cutely!  Happy Anniversary!




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