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This is What Happens When I Have Had a LONG Day and It’s 2 AM……

I don’t really know how to intro this post.  I have so much on my mind tonight and I can’t sleep so I thought I would go write.  I think it is helping????  Maybe???

This is a post about my Dad and what is going on with him currently and my frustrations with his situation.  I am seriously ticked off about it because, well, I am not gonna go there. I just can’t go there.  Let’s just say each day is a gift right now.

I am reusing some of a post I wrote a year and a half ago.  I have been thinking a lot about what he has gone through over the last 5 years.  Don’t get me wrong, lot’s of people have gone through a lot more than he has.  It’s just that, well… it’s my Dad….

Lately, it seems he has had to go backwards in his care because of so many reasons. One being the reality of the medical world we are in right now.   He is back in the hospital again tonight partly because of a lack in good judgment for his situation.

He had gotten SO FAR!!!  He was DOING SO WELL!!!

Here is what I wrote a year and a half ago:

My Dad has gone through a lot over the last 20 or so years. He has diabetes and heart problems which really makes a mess of your body! Especially, when you have a doctor who doesn’t really understand how these things work. I am sure the doctor is a really good doctor in some areas, but this particular one was not his area of expertise. Dad would go in and tell him of some problem and the solution was to take this or add that finally adding up to a long list of medications that just made him sicker and fatter.

About 4 years ago, he was using a scooter to get around because he couldn’t walk much, and he had a 50 inch waist! He was sick and crabby and in pain.

Then 3 years ago, he had a stroke. It actually turned out to be a lifesaver for him as he ended up in the hospital overnight where he had an atrial fibrillation attack that should have killed him. Had he been at home, he would not be here today. There they discovered that he should be using a c-pack machine to help him breath at night as he has severe sleep apnea. They also hooked him up with the most amazing Diabetic Heart Specialist in the area!! She has helped Dad and Mom understand his issues and be able to LIVE with it!! Really LIVE!!

He has been on the Diabetic diet now for 3 years, lost over 100 lbs and is down to taking just the pills for his diabetes. Considering he was on huge amounts of insulin just 4 years ago, I think this is a miracle!! His medications are way down and he is the Dad I remember!! He is fun and plays jokes again!! He FEELS BETTER!!!

I might also add, that for a while, him and my Mom took care of my grandbaby, their GREAT grandbaby, for several months.  Until he started getting too mobile for them to chase after!!  He was doing so well back then.

That doc, Nurse Practitioner actually, who had helped him so much, had to leave because of all the changes in the health care system.  Now, seriously, don’t get me wrong.  I don’t hate doctors. I just really dislike some and the ones I like and that do a really good job seem to be kind of rare currently.  Especially for people like my Dad.

Yes, I am a little partial.  He is my Dad!!

Anyways, after she left, they finally got to this guy who is supposed to be very good.  I am not entirely sure I agree.  Mom is very controlling when it comes to his meds and his meals.  She keeps a close watch on his sugars as well.  You absolutely have to when you have this many health issues.  Her and the Doc don’t always see eye to eye on Dad’s meds I guess you could say.  She has learned a LOT over the years, especially from the Nurse Practitioner, about caring for a diabetic heart patient and is not afraid to say so.

Unfortunately, despite my Mother’s best efforts, his medications are up again, he is back on several meds that he had been almost completely off of or totally off of.   His sugars are out of whack again and his blood chemicals are out of whack again.  He was in the hospital 2 weeks ago because his sodium levels dropped to dangerous levels and he had the shingles and the flu on top of that.  He has gotten everything that has come near them this winter.  The bronchitis, the flu the first time, and now shingles.

After the hospital stay, he moved to a rehab where they completely took him off of his pain meds that he has been on for the last 5 years.  Without informing him or my Mom.  Cold turkey.  He has Shingles-very painful.  His heart is bad, his kidneys are bad.  His liver is bad his spleen is bad.  His body aches and he has neuropathy.  He has been going through withdrawals ever since.

This makes me furious!!  Just FURIOUS! Does he really need to be going through withdrawals on top of all the rest of the things he is dealing with??!!  NO!!!

Now he is back in the hospital tonight, in withdrawal, sodium levels down.  They don’t really know what is going on with him…

And well….. Not gonna go there.

Love these pictures of my Mom at her birthday party last fall and Dad talking cars with all my boys, and the Youngest Daughter at a car show last summer.  He was walking with just a cane there.  Now, he is back to a walker.

At some point I will sit down with my Mom and Dad and get the whole story and write it out.  It is a good story.  He is an overcomer and I am still really proud of him!! And my Mom for all she goes through to help him live another day.

Your prayers are appreciated!




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