Come Visit the Farm With Me!


I thought it would be fun to share some pics of the farm and also show you some of the beauty and unpredictability of the past month!!  CRAZY!!

You never know what your gonna get around here.

First some critter pictures….

The first 2 are from about 2 weeks ago when we had still some snow and LOTS of MUD!!

Next, are from about 1 week ago when it was almost 70 here in Wisconsin, and the sun was shining.  Haven’t seen that much sun in a very long time!  Still muddy, but at least it was warm.

And here we have today.  Snow on top of a day of rain from yesterday.  Tonight, we have freezing temps and is pretty icy out there.  The horses are muddy, wet and COLD!!  Poor things.

Here are some new critters to us.  We have been talking about raising some meat rabbits, so here we have Adam and Eve, no, we didn’t name them, Creme D’Argents.  And lastly, Stripey Sammy- currently loving laying anywhere I am, curled up on my bed warming my legs.  I am beginning to like him.  Just a little.

Of course, I can’t forget a few egg pics and a sneak in pic of someone special….  He was “helping” me collect eggs on that last nice day.

Its been so unseasonably warm this February that I have some hardy spring plants coming up already.  I was so surprised to see them!   I couldn’t believe it!!  Good thing they are hardy-today’s snow and tomorrow’s ice might kill any other plants.

Gonna end here with some GORGEOUS sunset pics I took a couple weeks ago when we had such a beautiful day topped off by this glorious view.

Still muddy, still beautiful.  All that snow today is so pretty!!  Those warm sunny days were beautiful.  Isn’t life like that?  Some days, muddy and difficult…  Some days beautiful and easy.  Some days, we get a snowy day that reminds us that God is still in control.  God still creates beauty in the midst of our challenges.

God is Good.  All the time.




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