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What Am I Reading Lately…

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Gale Force Winds…

Today we have, for the second day in a row, gale force winds.  So far, no damage here.  Lots of branches down and sometimes it sounds like the wind is blowing my roof off, but no real damage.

Should be outside doing some clean up or something today.  The sun is actually shining, its not raining or snowing, which it did last night for a time, after we had most of the day with 60 degree temps..

It is still pretty muddy.  The kids were playing in a lake sized puddle yesterday.  And the dogs.

I thought that today is a great day to be indoors listening to the wind rather than trying to do something out there.

I thought it would be fun to do a post about the books on my nightstand.

I have read some or all of most of these books.  The pretty journal on the right is one a friend gave me a while back.  I use it to doodle or write in just before bed.  Sometimes it sits for a while before I use it.  I love the ribbon that holds it together mostly and the pretty cloth with flowers cover and the unlined pages inside so I can draw or write or whatever I want  to do.

“A Grandparents Prayer Journal” another friend gave me after Grandbaby was born.  Good for prayers for my grand babies that are still to come.  I haven’t picked that one up yet as much as I should be….  I will.

“The Daniel Prayer; Prayer that Moves Heaven and Changes Nations” by Anne Graham Lotz.  An excellent book about prayer using the book of Daniel, specifically, Daniels Prayer in chapter 9.

I began this book as a part of a Bible study group for women I had been attending.  I just haven’t been able to get back to it lately, but the book is still on my nightstand ready for me to read.  This book is so good!  It reignites faith to pray  in the midst of anything.  Yes, we should always pray.  Pray without ceasing the Bible tells us.  And yes, I generally do that.

Sometimes though, like Daniel, we need to commit to a more focused prayer.  Recall Daniel lived in a country that did not like people to pray to God.  Daniel had become high up in the government of that country and much was doing on around him that was not good.

He chose to pray. He turned to God and prayed.

    “Heartfelt, desperate prayer. Prayer where the pray-era rend their hearts, return to the Cross, and repent of personal and national sin.  Only prayer that moves Heaven can change a nation. And that’s the Daniel prayer.”  Anne Graham Lotz.

“Corrie ten Boom’s Prison Letters” is also there on my nightstand.  This book rocked me.  Reading her letters to the outside world while she is in German prisons, finally Ravensbruck, was shocking to me.  No whining about the terrible conditions.  Just this is what it is, God is using us here in this place, we will make the best of an awful situation.

Then, her very last letter is a letter to the person who betrayed her family.  The one who caused the premature death of her aged and beloved Father and her beloved sister, Betsy.  The one who caused her to spend 10 months in a German concentration camp.

A letter of forgiveness. She prays for this person.  She forgives him.

Then “The Diet Alternative” by Diane Hampton.  An old book as well.  A friend gave me this and Corrie ten Boom’s book.  This one is a good book for those who struggle with weight, specifically, eating disorders and gluttony- eating too much. Its premise is that eating disorders has spiritual roots, which need to be dealt with.

Personal Development God’s Way” by Doug Addison.  I have not read much of this book, just because..  I just have paged through it and read parts.  Doug Addison though, is awesome at coaching people into their callings!

This book will help you find your calling and fulfill your destiny!  He gives strategies and direction using biblical principles.

Lastly, “Gameplan” by Sara Harnisch.  Want a great book to point you in the right direction in your Young Living business?  THIS IS IT!!  She has chapter and chapters full of great information on how to do it all!!  It is currently listed in the top 3 books on Amazon!!  She includes great scripts on how to run a great class and then close it well.  There is a workbook as well that I have to start and start soon!

I am thinking I will get a bunch of the giveaway sized books for those who join my Essential Oils team.

That is what has been on my nightstand lately, along with a few other books that I have received and read since that picture was taken.  I will write about them another time because they will use an entire blog post!!  Quilting books.  Who knew I would fall in love with books that center around quilting??!!!


Comment with a book you are currently reading and I will put all the names into a drawing and giveaway the Corrie ten Boom book and the Doug Addison book. 





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