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Farm Goals….

Hubby and I were talking poultry tonight.

I love it when he talks turkey with me…

That is what we were discussing. Turkey.  How many do we want to raise and will it be financially feasible to sell birds….  I am not sure on that last part.  A home raised turkey, at about $5 a baby will cost quite a bit in the end. Probably about $5 a bird to butcher.

I am just not sure it would be feasible.

I know lots of people are interested in home raised, pastured birds.  Just not sure they would be interested in paying what it costs.  Something I will need to continue to research..

Then we were discussing chickens, specifically meat birds.   I want to try some dual purpose birds rather than the usual Cornish cross that everybody wants because they grow huge.  They grow huge, but they just eat.  And eat.  And eat.  Whatever food you put in front of them, as much as you put out, they will eat it. They don’t move around much.  They don’t do much other than eat.

I would like to try some of the dual purpose breeds because I think they will be a healthier bird in the long run.  They can be pastured and eat the natural things that chickens eat; bugs, dirt, snakes, mice and grasses.  And I can supplement their diet with feed.  Out of that bunch, I may pick out of few girls that I like to add to the flock to keep as layers.  Dual purpose!!

I talked about this before, but we have a pair of meat rabbits that we will be breeding later this spring as well.  I will get another doe in time, so that we can have a few litters going.

Just so you know, the taste of both turkeys and chickens, home raised is absolutely DELICIOUS!!!!  You haven’t tasted anything until you have tasted a home raised bird!

I guess I can’t compare these things to store bought. Its kind of like comparing apples to grapes.  You just can’t. At the store you have factory raised, factory slaughtered birds.  Raised cheaply slaughtered cheaply.  I have learned that they can even be sent to China to be processed even cheaper than just doing it here.

Raising rabbits for meat, turkeys and chickens, will not be cheap.  My plan is to pasture them as much as possible over the late spring and summer to help keep costs down. But feed still costs about $15 a bag and as they grow we can use a bag a week for each group.  Not terrible, no.

Moving the fences will take some time to deal with as well.  We will be purchasing some fencing that can be moved easily so that we can put the birds on new grass frequently.  We will have some rabbit “tractors” so that we can move them around on the grass as well.

That is the discussion right now.  I have a shelter that needs some repairs and we will be working on that soon.  We will be dividing that in half and put the turkeys and meat birds in there.

We haven’t even started talking about the garden yet!! Next month….  Though, I have started dog earring the seed catalogues!!!

What are you thinking about this spring??  Does gardening get you excited?  Are you thinking of raising some animals for meat this year??  I would love to hear from you!!




2 thoughts on “Farm Goals….

  1. Growing up rural, gardening and caring for animals is “in my veins.” Although, these days, my springtime thoughts seemed centered on kids’ sports. Maybe once I am “empty nest”, I will get back to thinking about actual nests and raise ducks or chickens again… 😉


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