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Struggles Make for a Really Good Story Line

Some seasons suck more than others. We watched “Moana” this week. Twice. Two nights in a row. Lord help me. But, for the first time in a long time, I watched it with them. Usually I sit upstairs and read. or draw.

I think God wanted me to watch.

The story line is something like this: Girl sets out on a dangerous journey. Girl meets Demigod. Girl makes Demigod go with her to accomplish the task she needs to do to save her island.

Thanks to Joseph Campbell for making sure most of our movie story lines follow something of this path. 

Anyways, they are on this impossibly small sailboat and can’t get off because where would they go? They are in the middle of the ocean. There they fight discouragement. Get to know one another and learn to respect each other. They fight. They make up. They fight again. They make up again. Each of them has a period of time in which they want to give up.

Neither can for very long because the fact is, they are stuck on this little boat and where will they go?

(I kept thinking that since they were in the Pacific that at some point a shark would show up and cause them some problems, or at the very least eat that dumb rooster, but it never happens. Sadly.)

I keep thinking its kind of like the life we live sometimes.

Most of the time we just go along in our lives ignoring the call we have. We just do our day to day, being kept away from what God wants for us. Or just plain old ignoring the call.

Then we start on a journey to accomplish the goal that we feel like God has called us to. And then the trouble starts.

Other times, we just get thrust into troubles that make us wonder why. Just- Why, God?

And in the midst of those things, we find out who we really are, like Moana and Maui did. Struggles make us stronger, I like to say.

I just don’t like to experience them. Who does??

Right now, we are going through some major struggles. Our businesses are being threatened, unjustly, by the DNR. They are saying that there is a contamination issue from our business. The fact is that the number is less than half what the state allows and that it is technically not even on our property does not seem to matter.

My Dad is finally recovering from some serious health issues that happened last month. (which, by the way, only a few of the same issues he had, killed 2 healthier people than he during the same time period.) He has completed some time in rehab because of it and continues with some rehab.

My kids are struggling through some major problems. Even my church is struggling.

And we seem to be on an impossibly small sailboat being forced to deal with it.

Sure, I argued with God to just run away. I would not be honest if I didn’t admit to that one. I spent much of one sleepless night “discussing” this with Him. I am still here.

We have breakdowns on occasion. We get beat up- just like Maui and Moana in the movie, maybe not physically, but in almost all other way. But we get back up, wipe the tears away, and keep going. We have to. We have a journey to complete. We have a battle to win.

And win we will. If we just keep in the fight.  

And we “press on towards the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:14

Continuing to create a great story.. In the end, it will be a great story.  I am sure of it.




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