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Toddlers.  Apple Pens.  Shoes. And God.

There is a connection here.  Really.  

Add- lots of other irritations.  Things that just add up to making someone- yep that would be me- be a bit of a cranky pants.  

If you have been reading my blog posts over the last few weeks, you may have noticed that we have been going through stuff this season.  First of all, I know its my fault.  Someone innocently asked me the question.


The one that goes, “How are things going at your house lately?”  Without thinking, I said, “Oh things have been pretty quiet around here now that everyone is done being sick.”  

WHAM.  That opened the door wide!!  

Now I know about superstitions and such and no I do not believe in them.  I do know that every. single. Time. I have prayed for patience, things happen to MAKE me have patience.  Every time I say its been quiet, things happen like crazy!!!  Like Satan has been waiting for that phrase to turn up the heat a few notches and test me to the limit!!  

Last week we had 5 of our kids’ cars go out.  We only have 6 drivers.  My windshield wipers have been squeaking.  The 2nd high end pair of wipers are STILL squeaking.  Yes we are a mechanic family.  Yes we drive older model cars that need repairs.  Yes we have resources to fix them.  Still irritating.  2 are looking at new cars.  But Monday was spent figuring out who will drive what and can the boyfriend’s truck be utilized this week since he is out of town.  

Honestly, yesterday was mostly good.  Son. #2 brought me a 2-seater Miata.  Convertible.  5 speed.  FUN!!  I need to work on learning to drive it because he and I will try to race it this summer.  

Yes- you read that right.  A 40-something year old mother of 9. Homeschool mom. Chicken lady.  Oils lady.  Grandma…  Gonna learn how to race a Miata this summer!  

I wanted to take my Apple Pen and IPad with me yesterday to go meet a friend and spend some time learning to draw.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I panicked a little but figured it was at church where I had it last, that I could easily recall.  Sent hubby over there to look to no avail.  In the meantime, heard that Son # 4 had gotten rust in his eye, despite safety glasses, while working on his broken Jeep.  They were able to get it out but the eye still was irritated.  Told them to try the eye drops and a cold compress to see if it was just because the eye was irritated yet.  

So….  On and on these things go.  

Married Daughter recalled that her toddler, GrandBaby, had been playing with it the night before and was sure it was on the bench in the entryway.  Why it was left there and not put somewhere else, we won’t discuss.  Well  I looked there.  I looked in the shoes there.  I moved everything.  I flipped the couch near there over.  I dumped the toy basket.  

Back to the Son with the eye.  About the same time I had been totally irritated with the missing $100 Apple Pen, heading to my bed to sleep it out, Son #2 calls to say that the eye is still irritated.  They, despite my questioning it, had gone out to dinner and through dinner the eye was tearing, he was blinking.  Girlfriend, nursing student, looked into his eye and was convinced there was something still there.  

Get my clothes back on and meet them at the ER.   Funny…  In the midst of the irritating events, God shows me a Light.  His ER nurse was a woman I had JUST MET the previous Friday night at an oils event!!!  We had a great conversation then and shared Oils stories and recipes.  And yes- he did have a scratched cornea that needed antibiotic ointment.  Thank you Lord we got it checked last night, met a friend, and, BONUS, wasn’t in the ER for hours waiting to be seen!  

This am……  Now back to this am..  I have been in a bit of a funk and even last night, with the good that happened, it took until just a little while ago to get out of the funk.  

This is what happened.  

I looked everywhere for the pen again.  In my head, all I could think was that God and I were not on speaking terms right now.  I am mad at Him.  He isn’t answering my prayers so why bother.  And other fun thoughts.  Hey- just being honest.  And no, it wasn’t just about the pen.  

Finally, I put out a plea on a texting conversation I had been having.  That was all.  As soon as I had done that, I knew it was in a shoe.  I just knew it.  So I looked a third time through the shoes in the entryway and hall closet. (Luckily not everyone keeps shoes there or I would STILL be there looking!!) It was THERE!!  INSIDE SON #6’s shoe!!!  

I literally jumped for joy!!  GOD ANSWERED MY PRAYER!!  Even when I was mad at Him.  Even when I was irritated at the circumstances.  HE IS STILL HERE WITH ME!!  

Now keep in mind, 3 of us had gone through that closet several times.  That was the third time I had looked.  I am irritated and not thinking at all about the good things that are indeed happening in the midst of the irritations.  This one incident.  This one answered prayer.  This one action.  All it took was one.  Removed all that irritation, funk, depression even.  Sure, things are still irritating.  

BUT GOD.  He is still here despite what I might be feeling.  Despite what I am thinking.  He still cares about my circumstances.  In the midst of the irritating visit to the ER, he sent a new friend.  In the midst of the car issue, he sent me a fun car to drive and a boyfriend who is out of town for the week.  In the midst of the circumstances He is still loving me.  

My friend sent me this the other day.  “God is not unhappy with you.”  I had to read that over several times before I could read that he is not UNhappy with you.  And I believe it.  

Right now, we still have situations ongoing and we won’t know the answer to the DNR one for a time.  But God had put one of the best Enviromental lawyers, who literally WROTE the specs for some of the things the State follows, in our path as a customer of ours.  He is on our case and on our side.  

And best of all, we will have not ONE but TWO new GrandDaughters to love.  That is one of our other situations.  We have known about one new baby.  We only just found out about the second.  Yes, I wish the circumstances would not have been that particular way.  I would have liked to have known a LOT sooner.  But we are very excited to have TWO new babies this spring.  

God blesses us in the midst……..  Despite my bad attitude.  He really does love me.  He really does want what is best for me and my family.   He really does love the people around me.  

And he seriously is in love with YOU!  What circumstances are going on in your life that has got you down?  What has God done to remind you that He cares??  Open your eyes to find those things today.  



PS.  I shared this post over on the Hip Homeschool Hop.  Go check it out! 


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