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Road Trip!!  

Heading out on a road trip tomorrow am. First time in quite a while that we have done a road trip, a long road trip i mean. We are heading to Kansas City for a couple of days. Traveling with only 4 kids is kind of weird as well.  I talked to a friend of mine today who laughed when I told him it was gonna be kind of different for us to travel with only 4 kids.  

ONLY 4 kids?? !!  

I guess to me, it is ONLY. To a few others it may not be quite the same.  

And- truthfully, back in the day, when I had my 3rd child, I was a little hesitant to take the 3 kids anywhere. I wanted someone to come help me take them where I needed to go.  

She wouldn’t so i had to learn to go where I wanted to go, with 3 kids or just stay home. Since hubby was working long hours and 6 days a week, I had to figure things out pretty quick.  

Sure we had some hiccups along the way, but I never lost any of them. Almost lost one as she climbed out, head first of course, of the shopping cart. Then the same one as I went around a corner and had neglected to make sure she was buckled in properly. 

Eventually, I figured it out and it never stopped me again. Off we went. Later on, we included whatever kids got into the van with me. (Don’t worry, most of the time, we asked the parents first.)

Luckily, we had a 12 passenger and later a 15 passenger van. I LOVE my van!!  

Back to the road trip…. 

Only 4 kids. 

Weird. But it should be a good time. We are looking forward to getting away for a few days and strengthening some relationships.  And of course, singing all those fun old road trip songs:  “On the Road Again”, “Convoy”, “East Bound and Down”. Along with some fun 80’s music!!  A little “Jack and Dianne” anyone??!!  We also have a stack of “Adventures in Odyssey” cd’s.  If you haven’t heard any of those stories, your missing out!!  We love them!!  

Needed time for sure.  

I wrote up some lists and each one packed their own bags. I think I have everything- of course, as usual, there are quite a few things I needed to pack that I didn’t have on my list.  

But the kids should have all they need. If they followed my lists. If not, oh well. They will survive.  

I just pray that deodorant and tooth brushes are not forgotten!!  
Can’t wait to tell you about where we were and how it all went!!  




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