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Getaway Weekend..  

  We made it back home and back to laundry, errands, chickens, mud, rain.  Its good to be home.  I thought I would share some of our little weekend away.  Hope you like it!

Our friends are now beautifully married. A simple quiet wedding with a nice simple dinner after. And no. I didn’t take any pictures. Cuz that is what I do. Go all that way for a special day for friends and then forget to take pictures.  

Instead, I helped take care of the food and make sure all were fed. The wedding itself was not elaborate. Beautiful and touching.  

Before the wedding we wandered about a nearby mall. It was an outdoor mall like they are doing more of lately, with the usual stores. The mall was near the hotel and we didn’t have much time to go far because of wedding set up, so we just hung around there. We spent some time in Barnes and Noble- of course. Cuz we are book nuts like that. Then we wandered about for a bit then had dinner in a really nice pizza place. I forget the name. But the pizza was so GOOD! Then stopped at the candy store….. Chocolate shops. Vacations. They seem to go together.  

The next day, we went into Kansas City. We started at Union Station. WOW… What an amazing building. Back in the day, it was full of lots of trains I would imagine, and people. We didn’t really go around looking at the museum exhibits about the station. Now, there are lots of shops, museum and restaurants. We went and checked out the model train exhibit. Younger kids and train nuts would love it. Our kids liked it enough. I could see that a lot of work went into each layout design. 

Once we finished in there, we decided to ride the city tram that takes people around the town. We initially thought to take the tram just around the loop it travels. Looking back it would have been a good idea. We had wanted to take them all to the aquarium but we didn’t exactly get there. Instead we got off at the City Market. What an amazing market!! I, and I suppose they could have as well, could have spent the entire day there!! So many booths. So much produce. So many colors and spices. Plants. Meat. Produce. Crafts. 

Street performers were all over as well. It seems you couldn’t have such an event without some good entertainment. The magician performed near us while we ate some lunch so we got a good view of his escape artist routine. Too funny!  

One one building we found a huge water wheel and off to one side, a water works table that the kids quickly took over. Never too old for water works!! While they were doing that, I snuck off to a sweet little garden shop just across the way. Oh My gosh… So many fun things and fun ideas. I have got to get going on my garden projects.  

Such a collection of pots… So many garden decorations. 

Then we went to get back on the tram and rode to the library. We had decided that by now, spending a large sum of money on the aquarium was not going to be a good idea at that time of day, so we stopped at the library. Our young friends had told us about a chess set they knew about out on the patio of the library. It wasn’t set up yet, sadly, but the board was still there. built into the concrete patio on the 5th floor of the library. And several of us decided we wanted to come check out the library sometime soon. It was a huge beautiful library! Marble and brass everywhere. High ceilings.. We, my family, had never been in a big city library. We go to our little neighborhood libraries all the time, but have never been in a library of that size. We might have stayed the rest of the day if we could have.  

Book nerds…. and proud of it. 

Back to the trolley/tram stop to wait for the tram we could see just a block away, stopped for an unusually long time. After quite a while of waiting, then the second tram came up behind the first, we realized that the tram was not going to be moving anytime soon. There seemed to have been an accident of some sort.  

We started to walk back to Union Station. A beautiful day for a little walk through the city. It didn’t take too long, thank goodness. We treated ourselves to ice cream at the “Rocky Mountain Candy” store once we arrived back at Union Station- Delicious.  

After that we came back here to the hotel for a little break. And ibuprofen. And a nap.  

Later the kids played in the pool for a bit followed by dinner at a cute little place with seating area on the roof. Delicious food. A “Me and Julio” Margarita topped off that day…..  

Then all the kids gathered in the lobby of the hotel and played a few rousing games. We adults sat quietly in a room and talked. What a treat!  

We drove home the next day. It was over much too soon…. We ate at a diner along the way and stopped at the Amana Colonies in Iowa. We had never been so it was kind of fun. Lots of shops and fun stuff to see. The kids climbed the stairs to the cupola in the top of a corn crib turned visitor center- they got a kick out of that! I found a new diffuser to replace the one that broke. And found some great ideas of things to look for at rummage sales this summer.  

Soon. They start up again very soon!! I can’t say I am counting the days, but I am very aware that they start up again. Soon. Yippee!!  I have a camper to decorate this year and 2 new babies to find stuff for!!  

Thanks for taking the time to read through our adventures…  We had a good time together and, I hope, made some good memories.  




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