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Connections…  We Do Need Them..

Goodness it has been a week.

I will spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say, Thank God the Promise is coming!

Sunday, Easter Sunday is right around the corner. He is Risen..
Lots of this has been about relationships this week. And for several weeks, but this week has been intense. Earlier this week, we lost a relative. We were not close by any means, but in times long ago and far away, my Hubby had been close to her. She had distanced herself from family members, other than a few, for quite some time. We found out that she had been suffering, alone for quite some time.
Another couple we are close to are also having some issues. He says they have a stable relationship why get married. She says now is the time to get married.
Another couple we are close to is struggling through an unplanned pregnancy in which too many things are being hidden. One is fighting for connection, the other is fighting for what they feel is good connection, but is really not.
Another family member finally had a good talk with her son and admitted to some pretty damaging, but yet healing, problems in their family. Good connections are being formed.
Other family members are struggling to make good family connections because they are desperately needed. Others are fighting to make connections, but they are not healthy.
Some people in our lives are struggling to make good marital connections. But don’t know what good healthy marital connections look like.
Some people in our lives are reminding us that they WANT to be connected, especially when there are hard times. They WANT to be a part of things and they want to help….
This one makes me cry. Sob… fall apart.
Connections… Did you ever think about how connections are so important?? This week, I have been learning quite a bit about how they are indeed important.

I had read a chapter in a book by Danny Silk- if you haven’t heard of him, find him!!! This book is called, “Keep Your Love On” and the only 2 chapters I have read have hit me hard. Yes, I have heard of the book before. Yes, I have seen it, may even have read it, but this time?? BAM…. Exactly what I needed.

I read this, just this piece last weekend, and it has been illustrated all this week right in front of my eyes:

Until you commit to the goal of connection, all the relational tools in the world are not going to help you. It’s only when you decide to take responsibility to pursue connection that you will discover just why you need these tools. It’s only when you commit to moving toward someone that you will seek the knowledge and skills necessary to reach them. Danny Silk


But oh so true.

Good marital connections need to be the goal in any marriage. If you have a stable relationship, keep it strong by making that commitment. That is the time to make that commitment. Encourage good connections, by taking the steps that are needed to keep it that way.

It’s not easy. No. I can tell you right now, its not easy.
Good connections may not be easy to keep, but bad connections are that much harder. Bad connections cause hurts and pain. Bad connections cause distancing and keeping things hidden.
Good connections need to be made and boundaries need to be laid out in connections that are not so good. Until good connections can be made, it is healthy, and wise, to have good boundaries.
More will follow as I sort through all of these lessons I am learning on connections. If you have any comments or thoughts, I would love to hear them. Especially what you have learned along your journey toward good connections.




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