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Warning: Shameless Grandparent Post! 


Warning: Shameless Grandparent post!!!

Yes, I am beginning to come to terms with being a Gramma…  Yes I know its almost been 2 years now.  Yes I know that it is just about time!!!

This week, our newest Grandbaby arrived.  Married Daughter gave us a sweet little lady.  Little she is, at just shy of 8lbs.  Her older brother was a whopping pound and a half larger!  So far, she is doing fantastic. Gaining weight, eating good, and sleeping.  Of course, she is the most beautiful baby! I can’t decide who she looks like yet, but that’s ok, we have time for that.  I held her for the longest time today just thinking about what she might be like..  Active and chattering like her brother?  Or more quiet and observant like some of her uncles?

So many unknowns and possibilities!

While that was happening, we were treated to some time with her older brother, Grandbaby #1. He is hysterical!  He chatters and talks almost constantly and, is a blur of activity!  Moving moving moving……  And eating.  First night, we seemed to have done a good job of tiring him out- he slept the whole night through with no problems.  Second night, not so good.

He spent much time going up and down the stairs.  Going outside on the trampoline and getting pulled in the wagon. There is so much to do and explore when you are little and freedom is still a pretty new thing.

And those chickens!  Of all the critters around here, those chickens seem to be his favorite.  “Chick-en? Chick-en?” All day long, every time he hears one of those roosters crowing.

The next favorite would be the “dugs”.  Especially, Sasha.  Who likes him just as much because he is at her height and lets her take his food.  All the rest just tolerate that petty little human..  And get up and leave the room as soon as that little annoyance comes near.  Food or no food.  They know where the high chair is and will take care of that later.  Alone. Without any tiny human to bother them.

He sure loves his uncles and aunts!  Has them wrapped around his little finger!  Very much like his oldest Uncle did during much of his childhood.  Makes me smile to see that repeated.  They love teaching him all sorts of new things and he is a little parrot, repeating everything.  One taught him how to fix his hair by shaking his head. He thought that was so hysterical!  And repeated it over and over.

I have to say, I think that is my favorite part of being a grandparent.  Watching the new little ones interact with the old little ones….  Listening to new chatterboxes.  Watching them explore and examine their surroundings.  Trying new things.  Loving on the new littles and encouraging them to grow and be who God has created them to be.

This age, too, has to be my most favorite age of all- toddlers through 2’s.  They are a blast and so fun to watch.  Everything is interesting to a little and it kind of helps me to be more observant as well. He was there while we finished the garden expansion and thought it was so cool just to walk through the uneven ground.

Which is the other thing that happened this week.  The garden expansion looks great, and I will do a whole blog post just on that because I think it will be amazing!  Stay tuned for that.

I ordered our new babies this week too.  I am hoping that this will work out well, as the chicks I ordered are more of a dual purpose breed.  They should dress out at about 6 lbs and be a better, healthier bird.  But I will talk about that more later.

So a few things coming up, and at least one blog post to follow-up on.  That one on connections has much more to say and really has me thinking.  I would love to hear your thoughts about that as well.

Time for this gma to get ready for bed!  All that baby and toddler time the last few days has me worn out! A good night sleep will be perfect..




7 thoughts on “Warning: Shameless Grandparent Post! 

  1. What a beautiful post. And what a beautiful granddaughter! I love your description of your grandson, too, and that is such a fun age. Funny that my girls are older than that now – almost 4. Time does fly. And it’s been too long since I’ve visited your blog. Hope everything is well!


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