ROOTS……In the Garden!

The wordpress prompt for today.  I needed a little push to start writing today so here is my response to today’s prompt.

Last weekend I took my first trip to the garden center for this season…

In April!!!!!!!

Usually, I don’t start until May, at least after Mother’s Day, but this year feels different.  Spring seems to be just about a month ahead of time this season.  Again.  Watching my flowers bloom ahead of time makes me think that.  Don’t get me wrong, I am fully expecting a random frost yet.. We are not out of the woods yet.

But I tempted fate anyways and bought plants and seeds.

I dug down through the roots of last years plants and planted this years decorative plants.  I didn’t buy too many yet, but I do have several yet to put into pots.  They do look so pretty!!  I really like flowers! Along with the flowers, I did plant some seeds and today they are being watered nicely by the cold rain we are getting.  Luckily, spring plants are pretty hardy!

I have a few new hanging baskets and will add some to the clothesline, because it want that area to be pretty too, and to the chicken run to dress it up a bit too.  You can see the south side of the run in this post.

I moved a few other plants around last weekend too.  A few Sedums that get overrun by the Lemon Balm.  Note: Do NOT plant Lemon Balm and Mints in areas where they cannot be reasonably contained!  WOW!!  I have a bunch more that need to be moved but I am not sure where they will be put.

Last year, I dug up a BUNCH of bulbs from our old house.  There were tulips in reds, yellows and some pinks.  Daffodils in a few different colors and kinds and Hyacinths.  So far, ALL the tulips are red.  The Daffodils are sparse yet, but will grow this season and the Hyacinths are doing pretty well.  I love watching the new flowers come up every spring.  I do this every year.  I walk around the yard looking for where plants should be coming up and watch them grow…  I love it!!

I am especially excited for two new plants in my yard…

Lupines are growing nicely this year.  I love the colors and flowers of the Lupine and have never been able to keep them growing for whatever reason.  I have 3 this year that seem to be coming back beautifully!!  I am excited for that.

The Rhubarb plants I put in last year, for about the 6th time, seem to be coming back as well.  I have no idea what I am gonna do with all that rhubarb, but now that I have them growing I am not gonna complain!

Sadly, my Gooseberry bush doesn’t seem to be coming back.  I will keep watching for it, but so far, no sign of it.  Also, the blackberry bushes I put in don’t seem to be coming up.  A few of the raspberry bushes are though.

I have begun to lay out the garden for this season and will soon start adding wood chips for paths and some on the actual planting beds.  On top of that I will add some composted manure and some dirt so that they can be ready to plant by the end of next month or so.  I will start some cool season crops sometime in the next couple of weeks. I have peas, chard, lettuces and spinach for that.  I missed my chance this week because I have been letting the chickens work on my garden earlier this week, and now it is supposed to rain for the next few days.

Next week will be fine too.  The girls won’t be happy to not be allowed in the gardens anymore, but they had their chance.  Now its my turn!! I have lots of ideas for that garden bed and need to get working.  I think some hanging baskets in there along with the pots I have already will be fun!!

Are you a gardener??  What are your favorite things about spring??



From one of my forays around the yard the end of March.


3 thoughts on “ROOTS……In the Garden!

  1. Wow, sounds like you have an amazing garden! I just got a plot in a community garden near our house, but it’s covered with weeds and grass and I’m still working on trying to get it cleared. It is disturbing with the early spring. Global warming – I only got to take my kids sledding once this year 😦 Anyway, I am going to follow your lead and plant some seeds in my garden, too.

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    1. I don’t believe this whole global warming thing, but I do see that weather is changing. Such a pain to clear a garden plot isn’t it?? Work on finding some mulch ideas- that will help tons!!! Have fun in your garden!


      1. Thanks, I do hope I can make the community garden plot work – it is a huge time commitment, gardening! 🙂 I did just plant some seeds in my yard, though, so that was something. And the weather is changing from when we were kids, as you say – that’s what climate change is.


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