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Finding Me…..  

I am feeling a little brave so I thought I would take advantage of it and share some of the artwork I have been messing around with.  I have a new IPad and an Apple pen since just before Christmas, and have been learning to use the art program, Procreate.  I do love it, now that I am getting accostomed to using it.  I still like art supplies, cuz they are fun, but this is so easy to carry with me and use anywhere!!!  

(Sing, “I have an Apple…  I have a Pen…. I have an ApplePen!”….  My kids have me singing that in my head every time I say “ApplePen”…. )

I am not a Picasso or Tasha Tudor, by any means, but I am finding my own style.  And I am ok with that.  Most of the time.  I do waffle sometimes, but I am getting better.  

This one was part of a course I am taking through Khan academy. The assignment was to draw an emotion. Can you guess which one this was?
John 6:16… I just saw this picture in my head as I read this verse. Jesus and His disciples going into he “Sea” of humanity.
I drew this during worship at church one day.

I drew this picture after worship at church today. Reminded me of how the Lord brings us to those hard places and takes us through.
Joy Rose and Barney preview. This is what some of the new artwork for the book looks like.

I hope you like my artwork.  It is something I have always enjoyed doing, art I mean.  I haven’t always done it just for me, at least not since high school.  Doing art just for me is still a bit of a foreign concept just as writing is.  I am learning.  

What sorts of things are you discovering for yourself that you enjoy doing?  How about what is something that you used to enjoy, but haven’t done in a long time??  Have you tried it again??  What was it like??  




4 thoughts on “Finding Me…..  

  1. I really am impressed with your blog and artwork. I love that each picture is an expression of where you are at the time and it comes from within that is a true artist. Way to go Vicki keep up the good work.


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