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New Babies!!!  

After I typed that title, I realized it means much more than what I am about to write about!

Side note- sorry its been awhile since I have written…  Wow..  Things have just exploded and so much is happening!!!!  I wrote about one of the new babies a few weeks ago.  (You can find that post here if you like.) She is doing well- very well!!  Soon, we will have the second new baby.  Momma and Daddy are doing pretty well, and planning for her arrival sometime around the end of this month.  

In other news, Oldest Son is GETTING MARRIED!!!!  They just bought and signed papers for their house and he popped the question!  We are so happy for them both.  That will happen the end of the summer.  

What I INTENDED to write about and share pictures of, is the new babies I just picked up yesterday!!  60 new baby chicks!!

10 new girls and 50 boys.  

The boys will be dinner in about 10 weeks or so.  If I can manage it, we will do another batch after that.

I put each in their own tanks/brooder.  I found that old water tanks work great as brooder. I cover the bottom with some newspaper at the beginning and will slowly add some shavings or shredded paper as they need new bedding.  I have read in a few places that they don’t like you to use newspaper, but so far, I haven’t had an issue with it.

In the water tank/brooder, I have their water dishes.  For now, they are on the floor.  As they  I will raise them up with some patio blocks.  I have feed tray out for the boys because there are so many.  They walk all over it, but there is enough room for most of them to get at the food.  The girls have just an attachment you can buy for a mason jar.  It is enough for them.

I have heat lamps going now until they get a few weeks old.  Right now, they need to be kept warm, about 95-98 degrees.  I have a red bulb, that does not shatter hanging over each tank.  I do not have a thermometer in the tanks, I just keep an eye on the chicks.  If they are bunched up around the light, I lower it to give them more warmth.  If theyare spread out away from the heat, I raise it.  It means I need to check them more often right now, but I am fine with that.

A little cuteness break through the day is fine with me!!

On top of the tanks, because of predators and these are an easy dinner for LOTS of predators, including our cats, I have some wood pieces and some bird netting.  The netting works well because it seems to deter the predators from trying to get in.  They get tangled in it pretty easily, judging from how easily I have gotten tangled in it just setting it up and then checking on them.

b24e480d-0462-406a-8000-f5f1940ac83eI will keep you posted with occasional cuteness pictures and updates on the babies as they grow.  My plan is to put the boys into the chicken tractor in about a month and pasture them til they are too big for that.  I will write about each step and share how we are doing things this year.  I pray it works!!!




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