chicken keeping

All About those Chicks…

I just looked at my stats for this month…  


Apparently, I have been a little preoccupied!!  I am working on an update about all of what has been going on.  We just got done with Son #4’s show, “Camp Rock” and I am working on that.  

I took some pics today of the babies who are a week old now.  They are doing very well!  I realized that we need to get out there more and handle them…  At least a little bit.  They are pretty skittish, but So Darn CUTE!!!!  

The girls are growing nicely.  All 10 have made it through the week, with no issues.  The boys are eating very well!!  WOW!!  They can polish off that food tray so quickly!  It has been empty every morning.  I will be adding a feeding time at night, at least a little bit, to make sure they get enough.  

I still have them under the heat lamp, but I have raised it up a couple of inches for the boys.  They seem to be doing fine as most are not even under the lamp when I check on them.  The girls’ heat lamp has been up higher, but I had a cover on their tank keeping more heat in.  They too have been doing fine, not huddling together for warmth, but moving around the entire tank.  It has been warm the last few days so that has helped.  It is supposed to get cold again this weekend so the heat lamps will be more important for them then.  

Both of the groups have gotten Thyme essential oil in their water at least once in this week.  Thyme helps to keep them healthy because it is a natural antibiotic.  You can also see in the pictures, that I am using shredded paper in their tanks.  I have a lot of it right now and its free.   I am planning on adding some of the wood chips from the pile we have at some point this week.  They will love digging and scratching through that!  

Here they are!!  




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