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Killing Fears and Filling Dreams!!  

So I tried to get out of it…  It has been raining all day. The track is gonna be too wet. I said.. With a little nervousness.  

Its easy to TALK smack.. Not quite as easy to actually DO it.  

I have been talking smack to my sons for quite some time about kicking their butts in autocross racing. I have a couple of sons who have gotten into it. They have been having quite a bit of fun.  

I like to tease them that I could beat them with my big van. We laugh and joke about me driving that big van through this course and getting a better time then they do in their sassy little “set up right for courses” cars.  

And then, he realized I wasn’t actually busy today. I had the race day on my calendar, but thought maybe… Just maybe… he forgot that I was going to race.

He held me to it.  

Like he should. I can talk big sometimes.. now its time to step up and do what I said I would do.  

Not gonna lie. I am a little nervous. 

I have walked the track with him a couple of times. I learned a little bit about how to run the course. We talked about some things like keep both hands on the wheel, foot off the clutch once you get into 2nd, and only brake on the hard turns.        

Ok. I can do this.  

Tonight, I am sitting here on the couch finishing writing this post, and thinking about the day. What a day…. Really… what a day…  

I spent the day with my son talking cars and racing. His love language. He rode with me for 5 of my runs to make sure I got it down. More for me than for him. He knew I could do it long before I thought I could do it.  

“Keep 2 hands on the wheel!” “No you missed that entire section!” “You got this!” “Turn here!” “Brake!” “TurnTurnTURN!” 

Kind of like drivers ed…   

What??  Your drivers ed wasn’t like that??!!  Oh…  never mind then.  
When I was a kid, a race car driver was on my list of things I was going to be. High aspirations, I know…  Today, I got to do that. I killed some fears and fulfilled a dream!! 

Like completely drove over them!! I spun out. Fear wiped out. I stood out on the track, with my son, watching corner 3 and fixing cones when needed. Fear wiped out. I raced the course, on my own. A little hesitating at first, but, fear wiped out.  

I even took out a couple of cones.  Not too many- too many points lost….  

I am glad that my son texted me and sent me the info to register. I am glad he gave me the push to go and to it. I am glad that Hubby and Son#6 came down, and later Son#3, to watch and cheer us both on.  
Mostly, I am glad that I was able to do something that I really thought I was too old to do. I thought that dream had died. 

Thanks Boys…. Thanks for that push and the opportunity to do this.  

I ended up being in the same class as my son instead of being in the novice class I should have been in.  4 people in the class….. 4th out of 4 people in a class I should not have been in…. Oh well….  It was fun and I didn’t do terrible!  



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