Dirt….  and More Dirt…  

So I spent the day planting today.  I wore an old pair of jeans that my horrified kids informed me over and over again, I was NOT to EVER wear in public!!!  Like I didn’t notice a few poorly placed holes.

I shopped yesterday for my garden.  I restrained myself, I thought. Again, I totally over bought….  I haven’t gotten any beans in yet, but I am out of available garden space right now.  I have several tomato and cantaloupe plants left.  I have kind of a lot of seed packets left over too…


We enlarged the garden and I STILL don’t have enough room!!!

It would probably help if I planted some things in and amongst other things.  And maybe neatly in lines like my Mother always tells me.  But then God doesn’t plant neatly in lines either….

A week or so ago, I started with the peas, lettuces, spinach, radishes and herbs.  They are starting to come up nicely.  I used some pots just to keep it interesting, but also to add more space for planting.  I have the hanging baskets up with some pretty flowers and also some nasturtiums and herbs.  We also put in the cucumbers, with some nasturtiums surrounding them.

Today, I added tomatoes and peppers. In between the tomatoes, we planted carrots.  Then I realized that I totally forgot that this wall of the coop needs paint this summer.  Whoops.  We will have to work around the plants, I guess.

I put onions along the fence behind the peppers.  I will have to figure out what will work with the peppers and plant something around them.

I am pretty happy with the dirt under the mulch and hay. It looks nice and rich and wet.  There are tons of happy little worms hanging out in that dirt, which tells me that we have some pretty good soil happening!!!  Should be a nice garden this year.

I put kohlrabi next to the onions and chives.  I have some “walking onions” from last year that seem pretty happy where they are.  Soon I should be able to start harvesting a few.  I think they should work pretty well together.  Near here I have the beginnings of an asparagus patch.  Next year, I should be getting a few nice stalks.

In the pots,  I put a couple of eggplants.  Last year I bought too many and we ended up with a LOT of eggplant!  I ended up dehydrating quite a bit of it, which works well in soups and such.  I still have some in the freezer too.

As you can see in the picture, I have a new area covered and will cover more of it when I get more cardboard.  Then I will add some composted manure, topped with wood mulch.   We can plant right into that, because I will make it deep, or I can cut the cardboard and go deeper.  But I will probably just put the beans in that area so it will be deep enough for that.

I really have fallen in love with this method of gardening.  I have some really successful gardens doing things this way!  Using the animals to clean up the garden and prepare it in the spring is awesome.  And then using their manure to fertilize along with the bark mulch and grass clippings and sometimes shredded paper makes for an almost weed free garden.  WIN!!!

In the back of our property last year, we put in a “pumpkin patch”.  Well, really, squash patch.  This year I think I am going to put in a row of corn down the middle.  I also have some raspberry plants back there too.  I will work on planting that soon too.

Now the exciting part comes in….  Watching it all come up!!!  Stay tuned!!

And, don’t worry.. After today, working in the yard, those pants are now in the garbage.

What are you working on this spring????






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