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Focus on the Blessings in the Storms

I have learned so much in the last few weeks.  I will have to spend some time really writing about more of the lessons I have learned now that I can look back on it all.  There are some very good lessons in the midst of all these storms.  God turns ALL things to good for those who love Him.  (My paraphrase from somewhere in Romans…).

We are getting some good things lately.  Especially in the case with the DNR.  There was a meeting with the DNR people last week that was less than encouraging.  See, the fact is that we are having to prove ourselves innocent.  The case that had been brought against us had been based on faulty testing done by someone, which I am still not sure on.  The DOT or the DNR, I am not entirely clear on that.  Either way, the testing was not done correctly and inconclusive. Yet, we are being charged with having to disprove the results.

I have a whole letter for that which I will post another day.  When I have the approval.

After that meeting, some more investigation was done and Hubby showed them what we already knew.  And had stated several times.  The lawyer showed the DNR people. The testing that had been done is not on our property.  So pictures were taken for evidence.  We still apparently will have to install expensive equipment and do boring inside our shop, ruining our floor causing us more expenses to repair.

It is still good news that the initial boring are NOT on our property and I will focus on that.

Currently, we are still grieving our losses.  There has been quite a bit of that thus far.  But at the same time, a lot of blessings.

The baby, as you know from my last post, passed away..  My son is grieving the loss, but doing pretty well considering.  He has some plans in mind to memorialize her and I will share that when I can.  I am so glad of that because I think we all need something to remember her by.  Sadly, things didn’t happen as they should have at all and now we just have to do what we can for some sense of closure so healing can begin.

Grief, I am learning, is an interesting thing.  It has to be gone through when you experience significant losses. There is no shortcut either.  If you chose to focus on the anger and injustice of it all, you will not be able to fully grieve. As much as I want to focus on the injustice of these losses, I simply cannot.

The blessings??

Well…  I saw my first coyote or gray fox in our yard early one morning.  It is cool because I have never seen one here but I know they are around.  Now I know what has been after my chicks and I can protect them better.  I understand that it is bad to have a coyote in your yard when you have chickens, but it is one of my things..  I love to watch the animals in my yard.  I don’t care if it is a coyote or a fox or a cardinal or a robin.

Now one of the wild cats in the area- not so much.  They can just go somewhere else!

We went out as a family on a drive in the country.  We ended up at an amazing ice cream shop out in the boonies.  It is called “Kelly’s Country Creamery” with lots of flavors of ice cream made from milk from their own dairy.  Fresh and delicious!  What a drive through fun back roads to get there too..  

I love my car!!!  Next to my car in the picture is Son #4″s motorcycle.. (!!!!!)

The next night, we drove out to my nephews baseball game, which they won!  It was a great game!  My brother coaches the team so both of them were pretty excited.  We were too because this was the first game we have gotten out to in quite a while. I am not a very good aunt….  Or god mother for that matter, but that is another story.

My nephew really loves the game- well really most sports- and he is really good at it. That makes it even more fun to watch.

Sunday we went out on a fishing charter.  What fun! I have only caught fish a handful of times in my life- sad yes I know- and have never been out on Lake Michigan on a boat.  I pulled in 2 nice sized salmon and 1 little one.  That is a lot of work when you are reeling in line that is 300 ft out!  Or down.  We brought back 12 fish which I thought was a pretty good haul.  Unfortunately some of our little group were not enjoying the trip much.  Happy Birthday and Father’s Day- we paid to make you sick for the afternoon!!

What a treat to see the sunset from ON the lake rather than on the shore of it.  We have done that many times because we used to camp out there every summer. It is beautiful! And of course my phone battery died several hours before that so I couldn’t even take any pictures. Hopefully I will get some pics that some of the others were able to take.  I did get this pic of a row of homes. What a place to live!!!  32d3bd48-6263-4e6f-8b62-5de8e6f4f83f-1

Hubby is doing better now after 2 weeks of antibiotics. (And now that he is back on solid ground.) Still having some pain and fatigue issues but able to manage most of a normal day for him.  Hopefully we can eradicate it completely before it settles in his body and causes more problems.  This might be a good topic to write more on as we learn more about this.  Lyme when caught early, as it was in Hubby’s case, can be killed by antibiotics.  But I have read that it can actually “hide” from antibiotics in your cells.  Isn’t that awesome?  Also, it doesn’t only come from a tick bite.  Any bloodsucking critter can do it.

This will be a good topic for another day..

And finally, for this post, a few pics of the hosta garden I have been working for way longer than I should have.  Between rains and other stuff, I have not gotten much done in a timely manner this year.  Oh well…  I guess some years are like that.  At least the vegetable garden is in and doing well.  The harvest will be late, but better than never!!

The hosta garden..  back to that…  Ok.. I am excited because I ordered a hosta that will be amazing as a focal point in there.  It is the “Empress Wu” hosta which can get huge!  It will take a season or so I would imagine, and will fill in the entire center of the bed.  I also ordered one that is white.  I think it was the “Aphrodite” hosta and it will really add to the look and the collection.  I already have quite a few varieties of the hundreds of them and I am so excited that I have been able to put them all in one showstopping spot!  I have tiny ones all the way up to the “Empress Wu” that will be gorgeous.  For now, until that one fills the spot, I put my metal chickens and some old chicken water tanks someone gave me recently.  It looks pretty cool.  Just have to finish the mulch and add a few more rocks around the edges and its good for now.

And now I had better get back to yardwork or something.

I pray your week be filled with blessings, no matter what adversity comes your way..  Trust me. Focus on the blessings.  It does make for good blog posts!

Getting better every day,



6 thoughts on “Focus on the Blessings in the Storms

  1. I really need to tell you how much I love those chickens in your garden photo!
    I am sorry to hear about your husband and Lyme disease…..Our pastor’s daughter and daughter-in-law have both been fighting that disease. It is a tough one to slog your way through.
    My prayers will be with you Vicki.


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