Pictures From Around the Farm

It, as you know, as been a little hectic around here.  The year is half over now, and we have so much yet to do!  

Of course having a wedding in your backyard in a little over a month really pushes you to get so much more done.

I did set aside the plans for a beautiful pond and dry river bed for now, thankfully.  It would have been beautiful and really make the yard look nice, sure.  And also helped with that pesky drainage problem we have in that part of the yard. But sadly, time and money are not things I have extras of right now…  

Just have to pray we have a dry August and our guests will be just fine!! 

Anyways, back to what I started writing about…..

I was kind of busy one day and gave Son #5 the task of taking some pictures around the farm for me to use on the blog.  I think he did pretty good.  

The clematis is GORGEOUS!!  LOOK AT ALL THOSE BLOOMS!!!!!!!!!!  It looks so cool climbing up that dead tree..  

Then those petunias are so pretty.  Love the tiny size and bright colors.  Nasturtiums just add to the fun!

Purple Coneflowers and tall Marigolds in the back.  This is one of my favorite pictures!!  My coneflowers haven’t looked this good in a long time..
My Hibiscus bloom is on a plant I have had for quite some time now.  I repot it every once in a while, winter it in the sunroom and it blooms so beautifully every year.  One of the few house plants I don’t kill.  

The Black Eyed Susan’s, a different variety that looked fun and was on clearance last fall, have bloomed so nicely this season.  Such pretty colors! 

And then, the Sunflowers.  Totally forgot they were over in that garden til I saw his picture!!  I think he did a great job capturing some great pictures!!  

Lastly, I will add some of the gardens we have been cleaning up for the wedding.  Well, and because they are overdue for a good clean up!!!  

Hope you enjoyed my flowers as much as I do!! 



Photo credit- Daniel Reinke


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