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A Laundry Room Makeover….

I have a nice laundry room upstairs. Right off the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen. Perfectly placed. Not terribly large, about the size of a larger closet.

Its the best laundry room I have ever had.

But it was pink. Pepto Bismal pink. With a cutesy, 90’s era, country theme wallpaper border along the ceiling. Add in black marks from something or another. Dings and dirt from years of use. And then a washing machine that just plain old quit one day in the middle of laundry day.

It was time.

Hubby and I discussed it and it was decided to just replace the washing machine instead of trying to fix an old, overworked one.

Then, because we had to get new machines, yes- if we were gonna get a washer, we were gonna get a dryer too- we were also gonna redo that laundry room.

It took forever to get that wallpaper border down!! I will NOT do any wallpaper, ever!! We scraped and soaked it and with all of us working on it here and there, we finally got it all off!!

Then we painted. I have the cutest painting crew ever!! I guess I can’t honestly say “We” then either. The correct term is “They”. They painted my laundry room. I love the color!!

I got a piece of vinyl flooring that looks like wood and it just made the room perfect! I saw some shelves on Pinterest- Yes!! I finally used SOMETHING on my Pinterest boards!- that used piping for the brackets with stained wood boards.

Hubby looked at me kind of funny, but he went to the hardware store and figured it out. They are perfect!

Best yet??!!

A brand new washer and dryer!! I went to the appliance store to see what they might have in the scratch and dent section. The salesman of course wanted me to buy the high end set at the sale price. These are the number one rated set, Maytag front loaders. I did NOT purchase the ones he wanted me to purchase. He gave me the spiel and I let him sell me on them. I saw that they were huge and that they had that cartridge in the soap dispenser and that they were HUGE….. did I mention that?? Then I asked if there were any in the scratch and dent department. Would you believe that there were?? Yes!!!

The machine had a black mark on it. I got them for less than half the full price and quite a bit less than the sale price. In the end, I have a brand new set, for my budgeted amount, that should last me for at least 10 years because of the warranty. I figure that the next 10 years will bring the laundry load down quite a bit as the youngest is going to be 12 the end of this month.

My favorite part?? The cartridge in the soap dispenser. All I have to do is keep it filled, change the setting on the machine for a less dirty or more dirty load, and it automatically dispenses the amount needed. No more using too much soap!! These machines are huge too! (Did I mention that??!!). I am now doing maybe 4 or 5 loads of laundry on laundry day because these hold a king sized comforter!!

Then disaster struck…..

Its been brutally cold as most of you know. So the washtub had hot water and rabbit water bottles in it with a stopper in the sink. Someone was doing the laundry and forgot to double check the sink..

Whoops.. It was a mess and leaked down into the basement. For only about the 10th time in the last 7 or so years………….

We figured out that once these machines are in, they are not moving out. So we mopped up what we could and put a fan on to dry out the rest. The basement is still drying out nicely.

The new laundry room is broke in now…..

Blessings!! Keep Warm!!



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