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Goals, Plans and My Word for 2018

A few years ago we started making some goals and plans for the year. I thought it would help us to stay focused and think about the things we needed to get done and determine to do them.

It does for most things. Not all.

Especially if you don’t revisit your list a few times over the course of the year.


I rewrote out some things that didn’t get done last year into our list for this year. They are still important and need to be finished. Then I added the things we want to accomplish for this year.

Most importantly, I added on my calendar dates to revisit my lists and see where we are and what we need to focus on or maybe add to my lists.

You can make all the plans you want, but if you don’t follow them or forget what they are, they aren’t very helpful.

My most valuable asset in this?? A 50 cent on sale during school supply shopping season, composition notebook. Some people like a smaller book. Others might use a vision board. Still others may be more technical and make a spread sheet or a power point. I prefer old school for this project. I have tried the vision board but that was not a help for me. This seems to be my best plan.

Now to keep to the plan and accomplish the goals we have for this year. I also will make a list to follow when things get busier during the summer so that we don’t get lazy or sidetracked. It seemed to work really well last year. It took several months, which I figured it would, but we did end up getting everything on the list completed. Which was good because soon after that, I ended up benched for 4 months.

For us, these are the areas we focus on:





We talk and we brainstormed the topics and the goals we wanted. This year I put on the wall a huge piece of paper. (butcher paper so it was long enough.) I left it up a few days… (ok.. it was a week because I forgot to come back to it) The other night, we revisited the list and added and subtracted or combined some things.

Then, in the notebook, I wrote everything that we had talked about. For the farm/home section, I did lay out things monthly to kind of help keep things on track. I added to revisit the list on certain months which I also put into my calendar so I don’t forget. SMART goals is my goal!!! SMART stands for Specific Measurable Attainable Revelevant Time-Based. Hopefully, this will help us keep things moving and focused.

What do you do to help meet your goals in a year? Or even a month or a week?? What works for you??

The other thing I have been doing for about the last 4 or 5 years is asking God for a word for the year. Just a word. One year it was “Encumbrances”. Last year it was “Empowered”. Each is typically associated with a Bible verse. Last years was “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Phil 4:13. Definitely a word I needed for last year.

This year?

The verse associated with it?? I am not entirely sure yet on that one. I have several lately that I am reading over and over so I will update you on that when I get it.

Gonna be a good year. I guess we will all see how things go, won’t we??

I would love to hear about your goals for this new year and if you get a word, what is it??




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