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The Mudroom is DONE!!!

We have talked about doing a mudroom for a very long time, finally, I let the Man loose. He was so excited! He loves to put up walls.

(Maybe he should go work for Immigration………..)


Like I said, we have talked about it every winter for the last 6 years because the real problem in this house is Where do you put wet, mucky winter gear??

Usually, we make do in the sunroom. The problem is that sometimes the hot tub is working, like this year. Its kind of hard to get to the hot tub when winter gear is all over the sunroom and hanging over it. Then there is all the mud and muck and boots, chicken water tanks and various other animal related stuff that can’t freeze. It gets kind of ugly in there! Takes me an entire day, with help, to clean out that room in spring.A couple of winters ago this is what the sunroom looked like after one busy afternoon.What a mess!

So I let the Man go this year. He built a room in the garage. We only use one stall anyway so he took the other stall and turned it into an amazing mudroom. There is now more storage. Above the room, we left it open for storage. Lots of stuff can go up there, like Christmas decorations and future wedding decorations. In the space we left open will be storage for the bikes and outdoor toys. The garage door is still there and there is enough room left for shelving and hooks for that stuff. It needs serious organization!! What a mess!! Will be getting to that soon.

So here it is!!

Those cabinets we took out of the laundry room and painted the barn-ish red color and mounted here in the mudroom. The extra fridge and freezers now fit nicely along one wall.

There is a door into the now one car garage and the shelves will have old metal, gym locker, baskets for their hats and gloves. Like the one on the shelf. Under the shelves will be pegs for hanging the boots on. Wet muddy boots are not fun to put on!! Oh- and for that, there are several boot dryers plugged in, all set and ready to go.

I love the durability of the corrugated metal on the bottom. To clean it, just wipe the dirt off!! Perfect!! The wood walls and wood trim will just be so easy to maintain. We used bridle hangers for the coat hooks in keeping with our barn theme. The log benches we have had for some time and fit perfect in this room! Of course, now because of all the gear sitting on them and around them they are kind of hard to sit on. But once everything is where it needs to be, as we finish and sort out stuff there will be plenty of room.

Yes- it is still a functioning mud room…… Lots of people coming and going in this room so lots of stuff gets put here and there. We will work on that this week. Tho, we are getting some snow today so, it will likely be a wet soggy mess by the end of today… sigh…….

The lights, I think, are almost my favorite part of the room!! They are so cool!! That barn/industrial style is just what I was looking for in here. Look- I even have decorations!! And some organization…….. It is happening slowly.

A few more things to do in here, like the shoe shelves, the boot pegs. I also want to paint the doors. I am thinking maybe the barn red like the cabinets?? Thoughts???

I am so happy with how this room turned out! I am glad I finally let Hubby go and do what he loves to do!!




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