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Movie Review: The Greatest Showman

We saw the movie “The Greatest Showman” yesterday afternoon. So many thoughts about this movie that are still swirling.

It is a movie that MOVES. From the very beginning of the movie all the way to the sudden stop at the end. You kind of feel like you are on a roller coaster that just stops dead when the ride is over.

Only its your emotions and your mind that is on the coaster as it goes through scenes of hardship, struggles, friendships and marriage, rejections and encouragement. Rejoicing and and success. The songs throughout are amazing and beautiful and the choreography!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! My favorite was the bar scene where PT, Hugh Jackman, is trying to convince the Theater guy, Zach Efron, to join him. Just amazing- the song was powerful, the choreography… WOW….. Though how those 2 could walk after drinking all those shots, I have no idea!!

(Yes, I know its theater.. I’m a props Mom for our theater group so I am aware of what that really is!)

This one certainly stirs up your emotions.

There is so much to be said and pulled out of this movie……..

Lessons, if you will.

Keep going.

Follow your dreams.

Find your tribe.

Find acceptance.

Find your voice.

Follow the path of joy.

Step away from the status quo if you need to.

Everything may fall down at your feet, but.. you don’t give up. You pick up, dust yourself off and keep going.

Everyone is an outcast for one reason or another.

I may not be a bearded lady, or a giant or a dwarf.. but we all face rejection of one sort or another. Mothers reject their sons. Fathers rejecting their daughters. Grandparents rejecting their grandchildren or favoring one over the others. People groups rejecting other people groups.

Let’s take a look at PT Barnum. He was an outcast because he was poor and then an orphan. When he grew up, he married his best friend. His wife’s parents would not accept him because he was beneath them. Later on, he was not accepted because he showed off the outcasts. He embraced them. Some may argue that he exploited them. But he didn’t. He gave them a home and a family and a purpose. They gained confidence.

Sure, he rejected them himself for a time. He lost his own sense of purpose and tried to gain acceptance through the Opera singer. We all want acceptance, don’t we??

He did but he soon realized that was the wrong thing to do.

It wasn’t what he was called to do.

He was called to the outcasts. He was called to greatness but not through the normal channels. He was called to be different. In the end, he remembered. It took losing everything, but he came back. I particularly loved the scene, in the end, I won’t spoil it for you, but he arrived at his daughter’s dance recital in an unusual way. He embraced his gifts!!

What are you called to do or to be? Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. Its not an easy path to follow, but follow it anyways. Recognize that we all deal with rejection in one way or another. What will you do with it??




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