A Walk in the Yard

Went for a quick walk around the property with the dogs this morning. They are wild this morning!! I thought a little walk with them might quiet them down so we can get some work done and not keep being distracted.

So far, its working.

While in the back of the property, I looked around and thought, wow!! This is beautiful! I should have brought my camera!!

Funny… It was in my pocket today!

I usually leave it in the house and then I don’t get the steps counted because I use the counter on my phone. According to my phone, I need to be much more active.

Well, I am sure I do, but if I would keep my phone on me at all times, I would be much closer to my goals.



Anyways- the weeds and brush back there were covered in frost and frozen drips making it all look like it had been decorated for Christmas!! It sparkled and shined! I am sure my pictures will not do it justice so trust me, it was gorgeous!!

And the dogs are sleeping now, so my plan worked! Time to get some work done..




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