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Making Your Own Bone Broth

Sooooo……I was in my freezer pulling out a ham bone I knew I had in there to make up some broth with.

And found 3 more.


I also had 3 chicken carcasses from chickens I baked this week.

Time to make some more broth!

First, a quick word about the bones. I use whatever I have. I am not terribly particular about getting organic, grass fed, anything. I understand the arguments and discussions and I am even attempting to raise more meat animals here on my property. But until I have my own, I cannot afford to buy organic grass fed meats. My chicken carcasses are the ones we raised last summer so I know they are amazing meats and bones. But, I did not purchase GMO free, organic feed. I can’t spend that kind of money on feed. Instead, they were pastured and ate all the bugs and small animals they wanted along with dirt, rocks, grasses and weeds. That is the best I can do. Like any of us, we all do the best we can do.

Currently, I have the 3 chicken carcasses in the stock pot simmering, a slow cooker with 2 ham bones simmering, and, just for fun and to try it out, 2 more in the Insta Pot. It appears I forgot to take a picture of the Insta Pot broth. Next time I guess.

Yea.. I am a Bone Broth Queen!!!

Sort of.. I am getting it down pat now, I think. After almost 4 months of eating lots of soups made with homemade broth, I had better be.

The Insta Pot broth is done already and in the freezer. Of course, I spilled a bunch of it all over my counter when I was straining it, but I still got some in the freezer. As a bonus, I started doing the cleaning that has been on my list all week.


The other 2 will just sit now and simmer til tomorrow night or Saturday, whichever. I usually let them sit about 24 hours or so.. unless I am busy, then they get done when they get done. The nice thing about that is that it really is no big deal to let them sit another day or so. All you get it more goodness!!

The ham broth is good for making soups like potato and bean. Or cooking potatoes in. I don’t tend to use that one as much for soups for me yet as potatoes are not agreeing with me. But it makes a great potato soup!!

I use the chicken broth for most of my soups because it just seems to settle best on my extremely sensitive digestive system.

For both broths, and really for any broths I make, I put the bones in the pots and added water to cover them. They do not have to be covered completely as it will naturally happen as the submerged bones cook down. Then I add in a whole onion- all I do is cut off the root ends and cut it in half. A couple of carrots. If I have celery, I will throw in the center leafy pieces. A few unpeeled garlic cloves. A good splash of Apple Cider vinegar. Sometimes I use the regular vinegar, if I don’t have Apple Cider Vinegar. Then add in some salt, pepper, and whatever herbs I have handy. Today, I had some frozen cubes of parsley and some thyme. I also have some dehydrated greens that I blended so that it is in powder form so I sprinkled that in too.

That’s pretty much it.

The pot on the stove, I will probably drain and cool on Saturday morning as I will have some time then. The slow cooker, likely at the same time so it’s all cleaned up and put away.

Looks like it will stay cold a few days again, so I can just sit the pots outside to cool and let the fat harden on the top. Then I can just skim it off. I try to get most of that off before I put it into the freezer. It’s just too hard to scrape it off when I want to use it later.

I pour the drained and fat skimmed broth into plastic storage containers, let them cool some more, close them, label them and freeze them. I have tried freezing in the mason jars, but I broke every one I put into the freezer. I heard them POP from inside the house!! I stick with the plastic containers.

I am sure there are nice, neat, printable recipes for bone broth out there somewhere. But who needs that. As long as you have the basic ingredients, who needs an exact recipe??? If you have a big stock pot, like mine, use a few more ingredients. If you are using the slow cooker, use a few less. It’s really not a precise science.

What kind of soups do you like to make?? With mine, I will make probably a chicken or turkey and white bean chili and a chicken soup.

Blessings! And keep warm!!



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