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Bone Broth- Part 2

Today is the day. I finish the bone broth and put it all away. I looked at it last night and could have done it then, but I didn’t have the energy for that. It looked pretty much the same last night as it does today. A nice, rich brown color.


Remember this is what it looked like to begin with:

If you want to reread about that process, here is a link.

First, I turned off the heat sources and did some other chores. Then, I strained out the solids into bowls. I have one big bowl of ham broth, and half a stock pot of chicken. I then sort through the bones and pull out the good meat pieces.

It’s always interesting to me that the bones just fall apart. Not always the bigger ham bones, but the chicken bones do. The vinegar has pulled out all the minerals making the bones fragile. The ham bones no longer have any cartilage, so the joints just break apart. Fascinating.

Yes, I know. I’m a little weird.

Back to business………

I put them both out on the deck to cool for a few hours. I should be able to skim the fat right off the top then. Its 25 degrees today, so I am not sure that will be enough.

That will give me enough time to wash up the kitchen- not from making bone broth- but because it seriously needs it!! Though when I spilled the Insta Pot bone broth, I have a head start already!!

Which reminds me- the differences.

The differences between Insta Pot broth and the others. I made ham in that Pot, so I will just compare the hams. In the Insta Pot, it took about 3 hours start to finish and cleaned up. A nice bonus really. I do not know how it tastes, as I did not try any. I was focused on cleaning up the spilling I had done!!

It was my own fault. I grabbed the wrong bowls.

But- the broth was almost clear. The broth from the slow cooker is a nice deep rich brown. The broth from the Insta Pot was almost clear.

As I said, I don’t know about taste nor do I know about the vitamins and minerals and good stuff I want in my bone broth. I did notice the same things with the bones from the Insta Pot as I did with the slow cooker, so I can assume that the minerals were pulled out properly.

Once it cools now, I will fill my random collection of containers and freeze for later. Around here, you do need to see what I wrote on the top in order to know what the contents are. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!!

It seems I need to go back on soups for a bit, so it will come in handy. It will also be easier to transport frozen, as we are going out of town and I will need to have some along to make myself some food.

So that’s it! How I make bone broth. It’s not hard, just takes some time. If you have some questions yet, feel free to comment and ask!! There is also this great site where I found LOTS of questions and answers. You can find that here:

After reading that, I wish I had thought to keep the skeletons of the salmon we caught last summer in Lake Michigan!! They would have made amazing broth. They also recommend using chicken feet in their broth. I should try that- yes. But there is just something about using those feet that make me gag. Just a little……. But the retired butcher who I often take my chickens to for processing, always offers for me to take the feet too. So far, I just haven’t been able to do it. Maybe this year. I am getting a little less squeamish about that stuff. Might even be able to butcher my own soon!!

I hope you have a great Saturday!!




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