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So You are Thinking About a Getaway?? I Found Some Options

We went on a getaway last week. It was so nice for a week to just get away and do something different. I got to thinking about other families and other options for getaways. We have done a few of these options in different places over the years so I thought I would share some of them.

I thought about some of the options out there for larger families and really, there are some good ones. Some just make things a little more difficult or expensive.

Of course, there are more in the summer when you add camping, which is a completely different thing, to be honest.

Here are some things I came up with when I did some searching:

Glacier Canyon lodge: $425 per night divided by 2 is $212 per family per night. (I figured this based on 4 adults and 10 kids). This is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo. Plenty of room for everyone. Bonuses, no going out to eat. The full kitchen means you can make your own meals easily enough. I usually just get simple things to cook and even have been known to bring my slow cooker. Save money on eating out. No extra water park passes- all is included. There is also a huge indoor play area for when you don’t want to play in the water. Down side: arcades, lazer tag, mini golf, go karts, ropes course are extra fees.

There is a special for $150 per night you can get a 2 bedroom condo. Of course these are based on 4 person families with extra fees for extra persons.. sadly. But, it might be still worth it because it still saves on having to go out to eat or pay for waterpark passes.

Hampton Inn: $105 per room per night. A family of 4 can use one room no problem. More kids? Babies are easy enough, but the older ones? Beds on the floor?? Cots, generally for extra fees. Once they get older however you need 2 rooms. That costs then the $210 per night. A pool but no waterpark. Meals? They do offer a continental breakfast, which helps quite a bit. Rooms have a small fridge and microwave so you can have snacks and drinks available. Generally though, eating out is a must in a hotel like this. Once you have 4 or more kids and they are 10 and up, you have now spent $100 easily on a meal out.

$310 per day. Plus fees for waterparks and entertainment, if you decide to go that route.

The Atlantis hotel: $60 a night. Bonus!! Kids suite sleeps 6 max. If you have more than 4 kids, you again need 2 rooms. You can get a regular room for $50 a night. Bringing your costs to $110 per night. Continental breakfast included. Sweet! Fridge and microwave included in the suite. Awesome- cuts down on eating out. Still- $100 a day for that one meal out. There are 2 small indoor waterparks at the Atlantis, one outdoor for the summer. Another nice perk is that in the summer you get passes to go to Noah’s Ark. Not a bad deal. It’s still a nice little hotel waterpark for that budget getaway!!

$210 per day to stay here. In the winter, it’s still a nice getaway place for a reasonable amount.

Cliffside resort: beautiful view of Lake Delton! You can watch the Tommy Bartlett show from your balcony, if you get that side of the resort. There are triple queen suites and adjoining rooms for larger families. Nice!! Only one pool indoor and one outdoor. There is a charge for extra persons, cots, or cribs-$15. Bring your own if you have little ones. It’s $129 per night. No continental breakfast. But, as is often the case now, fridge and microwave help with that. You can have simple breakfasts in room. But, generally, expect to go out for breakfast at least once. You can do that a little cheaper, generally, so let’s just say $75.. But then $100 for dinner. In the summer you can also get passes to Noah’s Ark which is nice. Sleeps 6- any extras are an extra fee.

Value wise, IF you double up with another family, Glacier Canyon condos are the way to go. You simply get more bang for your buck. However, there are some nice options out there for less money.

Don’t forget to budget for other things like snacks and waters or drinks, those can quickly add up when you buy as needed. Generally, I like to have some on hand from the grocery store which is not too far away anywhere you go.

What have you found that works well for your family? Where is your favorite place to getaway?


PS. I am experimenting with affiliate marketing posts. Please bear with me as I learn how to best do this on my site! Here is one for a gardening in Wisconsin book. I am trying to get ready for spring!!


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