It has been quite the month. I am guessing God thought we needed to catch up on moisture here in our area.

2 weeks ago we got about 10 inches of snow.

Last week we got some more snow, several more inches.

This week, over an inch of rain has fallen in the last 24 hours. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is enough to cause our frozen ground to not let the melting snow and new rain seep down and cause quite a bit of flooding. There are several roads around here that have been closed due to flooding.

Many yards are swimming in water. Including mine.

It looks so messy and muddy. I like better the beauty of the fresh snow. Right now, we have dirty snow. Muddy ground. Dirty water. Almost like “Mud Month” has come a little early.

The poor horses are doing well despite the weather. Their pasture is a muddy, icy mess. But they have hay to eat so they are fine. Once the frost comes out of the ground though, they will have to be moved somewhere else!! The chickens are happy and are beginning to lay well again. Even my Ameracauna’s have started up again!! The rabbits are doing well- though the rabbit house is GROSS!! As soon as it warms up more, that house is getting a good scrubbing!! 3 will be butchered soon and I just bred the pair again so next month we will have another litter.

Here we are almost through February already. Time to get ready to have babies on the farm!! I am working on my chick order- I am thinking Turkeys again too. I am a little worried about raising them again, since last year we lost so many to the fox and coyote. I have some ideas in mind. Like changing our fencing and using some of the electrified wires. And building new and improved chicken tractors, I think with wire bottoms. (here are 2 affiliate links I added so you can see some of what I am thinking. If you click on them, you will see more of the description and I will also receive a small amount.)

I have ordered some new plants for this year. Some things that will help to use up some of that water problem we have in the front yard. I will write about all that at some point, as it will be one of our bigger projects. Right now, we are planning on doing a dry river bed to help pull the water into one area and then excavating some of the area around it. The stakes you see in my pictures is where we are hoping to put the river bed. Adding some of the trees I ordered should help make it look nice but also pull out some of the excess water.

Chicken babies. Turkey babies. Rabbit babies… Looking at some goat babies too..

Should be a fun spring!! What are you looking forward to as winter dies down??




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