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What a Week It’s been!!

Well there is ALWAYS something going on around here, that is true. Should be no surprise to any of you that know me or read any of my posts…..

But this week??!! WOW….

It started last weekend. Storm, the horse was limping, badly. Horse Daughter put him in a smaller area and decided that he had an abscess in his foot. Poor thing. She has been treating him for that all week and it seems like Thursday or so it finally let loose. He has a small opening on his heel and it’s draining nicely. He has been so good! He loves getting treats each treatment!!

We have also been anxiously waiting for Momma Rabbit, Eve, to deliver her babies. I am not entirely sure she is pregnant, as here we are at Saturday and still no babies as of last night. I put the nest box in on Monday and she has a beautiful nest in there so maybe?? We will see what happens today I guess. She should have delivered at about 34 days, which would have been Wednesday. She could just be a little over. We will give her a few more days and then try again I guess.

This week for family dinner, we made up 5 of the rabbits we butchered already. We made 4 different dishes and it was delicious!! I will have to find the recipes we used and do a blog post about that soon. Of course, I didn’t take pictures…… sigh…..

Tuesday night, I looked out in the pasture, just happened to as I was getting ready to go to my Master Gardener class, and thought something looked strange. When I focused better and it moved, I realized it was that FOX!!! I started yelling!!!! Horse Daughter just happened to be on her way out the door to feed horses anyways, so she chased him off. Her dog thought it was great fun!! Haven’t seen that fox around the rest of this week, thank goodness!! My chickens happened to be out that night too, and I am glad he didn’t get one of them..

Which, brings me to Wednesday. That day I found one of my older hens in a corner.. sadly, I was too little too late. She died the next day. That always makes me sad. The same day, we found one of the dogs has an ear infection. Our dogs don’t get them often but of course on this week of animal antics, I guess it would fit. He is doing better today. No I am not using oils on him, though I should have.

We also took the cats to a rabies clinic where we got their rabies shots done cheaply. They are set for 3 years now.

In and amongst all of that were lots of other extras that just sometimes happen. Its been a busy and full week. Finally this morning I get a little bit of time to blog…

Next week will be even more animal antics as we get our first batch of chicks!! These are broilers that I will pasture raise. To begin with, I will put them in an old stock tank for our brooder. That will give us some time to create some chicken tractors for out in the pasture that will have some rubber along the bottom to hopefully prevent that fox from destroying more. I will also put an electrified net around the area I want them in just as a safety precaution. As they get older too, I will likely leave the pen door open so that they can free range a little. They will be butchered at around 8-12 weeks. Hopefully, I will have 50 to take to the butcher this time.

Local friends, if you are interested in purchasing a bird for your table, message me.

The end of next month then, we will get a batch of turkeys. I am raising a heritage breed called “Bourbon Reds”. They are gorgeous and should make a delicious Thanksgiving dinner!! I will keep 3 or so for breeding and hopefully I will have a nice flock in the next couple of years.

OH! and lastly, I figured out, sort of, how to do Instagram!! Hopefully, soon I will connect it to my blog… If I can figure out how………. Watch for some fun animal pics… and maybe the kids too….

Spring is here and the busy season has officially begun!!




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