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New Babies!!!

The Chicks have arrived! I am almost as excited as when a new baby arrives in our family…

Sort of between new baby in the family and new plants in the spring.

My combination stock tank/chick brooder has been ready and warming all week. I have a jug of water with a little apple cider vinegar in it all set and ready for the vitamin mix to add. I have the water dishes and feed dishes ready………..I added wood shavings and the water and food dishes after I took these pictures.

I just had to run to the Post Office and pick them up. They were shipped out on Wednesday from the hatchery and have had a long journey at 1 day old. Now they are 3 days old and will have yet another little surprise. A new home and real food and water.

Interestingly enough, the chicks are equipped to handle shipping like this. They have a little “extra” food in them from the egg which helps them for a day or so after hatching. They eat the rest of the yolk they have been feeding on while in the egg which gives them some nourishment for about 72 hours after hatching. Which is why day old chicks can be sent in the mail anywhere as long as they arrive by the third day. God thought of everything.

So running to the post office wasn’t as easy as I thought it was. I went to our local PO when I was told the chicks would be there and found that PO closed. I called the original PO, a larger hub, and they said that they were there so I said, “Ok. Keep them there. I will be right there.” After some time waiting, I was told, finally, that they had been moved to my P.O……. sigh……..

I drove back to our local PO to be yelled at by my local Postmistriss…… (is that polictally correct???) I forgot to write about another part of the problem. At our local PO, a woman who was collecting her own mail told me that they were closed for Good Friday. She said there was a sign.

There wasn’t………….ooops…..

I had told the other PO that our local PO was closed because of Good Friday because I believed the woman. Wrongly. And I know that woman and I should not have believed her. This Postmistress was not happy to have heard that news about her PO. I apologized and told her what had happened. By the time the chicks and I left, she was no longer mad at me.

After all that, I got the chicks home and safely in their brooder. A few didn’t make it, sadly. But I have 55 chicks that did make it.

Before we get them out of the box, we fill the waterers with water that has vitamin mix added to it. Then, when we take them out, we dip their beaks into the water to help them along in getting that first drink. Gently of course.

I watch them for a little to make sure the brooder is warm enough and that they are finding the water and food. We have been back out several times today just to keep an eye out for any problems. And because they are so darn cute!!

So far, so good. I added a second heat lamp today because it was a cooler day and after all their travels I wanted them to be warmer. They seem to be fine with it, not bunched up under the light or bunched up away from it, both signs of problems. They are moving all around the tank pretty equally, staying out of the cooler areas.

Watch for a future post about our chicken tractors Hubby designed based off of several Pinterest suggestions. They will be this batch of chicks’ future homes. In about a month or so. These chicks will have to be moved because I will need to brooder for the coming batch of turkeys!!




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