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Dwelling in the Good Things

Goodness, I don’t even know where to start….

It’s been quite a week.

A week ago, I received my order of chicks. 6 didn’t make it. Sadly. I know- stuff like that always makes me a little sad. Since then, I have lost 4 more. I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. This afternoon I will take everything apart, disinfect it all, and start over. Hopefully, that will help things. And add in a little antibiotic to their water for a few days too.

The day after the chicks arrived, we were surprised with a litter of rabbits!! I had left the nest box in because she seemed to really like having that little cubby, so it was all set for her to have the babies. I had given up on her and had contemplated rebreeding her to Papa rabbit that week. After they were born though, I counted back and the second try had taken. I just hadn’t written that one down. There are six sweet little babies in there- maybe even 7. They have a little golden “halo” on them now from their cream colored fur coming in.

That day also, we picked up a mule. After my daughter takes her horses this week to move and hour away, Barney will be alone. It will not be good for that horse to be alone!! He has never been alone in his life and will not do well. I didn’t really want another horse, and do need a “watchdog” out in that pasture to keep the fox and coyote away, so we settled on a mule or a donkey. She will have her hands full out there with those 2 jobs! Especially once we move the chicks and the turkeys out there.

Her name was “Harley” but we have changed it to “Mildred”. I have this thing…. If I can’t remember someone’s name, I just call them “Mildred”. We thought it would be funny. Now I have an Instagram account and have started taking pictures of Millie the Mule. Look for #milliethemule if you want to follow along on her adventures.

In the picture, Barney has the white strip down his face. Mildred is in front.

Lastly, the boys have been hard at work getting the new style chicken tractors completed. In a few short weeks, the chicks will be ready to be moved in. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate with that plan!! I hope to be able to put them out on some grass in the pasture by then. With this snowstorm we got the other day, we should have some nice grass after it all melts. Maybe……… Otherwise, we will have to figure out a plan B……

I will work up a post with pictures, dimensions and such on those soon.


In other news, we had a nice Easter with family. My Dad couldn’t join in this time because he had just been moved into the rehab facility after being in the hospital for a week.

But we had fun playing games together, eating too much, and just simply hanging out.

Today marks one month until my daughter gets married. Panic time is setting in as the person who was going to do the alterations on their dresses suddenly isn’t able to. Now we have to scramble a little to get someone who can get them done. And soon!!

The rest of it is coming together nicely.

Another son is getting things together to go off to college in the fall. All of my school age kids are starting to wrap up their school year. One has an appointment to get his drivers license soon.

Lots of exciting things going on..

Always something and I could get bogged down with some of the stuff. Some things are just hard. But… God has been highlighting this to me:

So keep your thoughts continually fixed on all that is authentic and real, honorable and admirable, beautiful and respectful, pure and holy, merciful and kind. And fasten your thoughts on every glorious work of God,[a] praising him always. Follow the example of all that we have imparted to you and the God of peace will be with you in all things. (Courtesy The Passion translation)

So I am praising God in the midst of all that happens on a given day. I want His Peace to with me in it all. I hope this helps someone else today.

The Passion Translation is a new translation done by a guy named Brian Simmons. He has been working on this for many years now and I would have to say, he has done an amazing job!!




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