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Life is Changing Again

Horse Daughter is moving out. She has a few things left in her room to move out yet and then she will be out of the house completely.

That will leave 4 in the house for a short time til Son#4 leaves home in August to start college. Then just 3 left.

That is so bizarre.

Not sure how I feel about it all.

I am totally excited for Horse Daughter’s wedding next week. It seemed like it would be forever and a day away and now, here we are. One more week til the big day for them.

This last week will fly by as they usually do.

Our dresses are ready. The boys need haircuts and one needs clothes yet. I have to look at their shoes too.. Just remembered that one.. Whoops.

I also have to be looking at doing a Graduation party too. I should really set the date for that and get that ready so that all I have to do is hand out invites at the wedding!!

Always something going on, isn’t there??

Especially now in this season.

Just a few years ago, it seemed like it would last forever. Having 9 kids in the house. 9 kids to cook for. 9 kids to clean up after. 9 kids to hang out with. 9 kids to take on trips. 9 kids to raise into adults who follow after their own dreams and passions.


There are fewer kids in the house to clean up after. Come fall 3 kids to cook for. 3 kids to take on trips. 3 kids to hang out with. It really started last summer when we only took 2 kids most of the time to the camper for the weekend. The older 2 had jobs to do and helped manage things at home.

Only 2 more kids to take through drivers ed. One will likely get his license next week. Though he still needs to learn how to parallel park. I don’t parallel park anything so I am hoping an older brother or his father can teach him that one.

Suddenly but not really suddenly.

Slowly over time, it just happens. Like its supposed to. My entire life goal is to raise them to get out of my house. Its what good parenting is all about. So I am not sad about them moving on and moving into their own lives.

Rather, I am happy and proud of them all. I am excited to see where their life paths take them. I am excited to see them getting married and having babies. I am excited for them buying houses and filling them with pets and babies. I am excited to see them finding the path that they need to follow in order to become all the God has called them to be.

Sure there are hiccups along the way. Sure sometimes life is REALLY hard. But it wouldn’t be life then if there weren’t a few life lessons to learn along the way.

The “In Our Home” sign is something I found a while back and I LOVE. Some of the other things, we need to work on a little bit more sometimes, but the “we do LOUD” we have pretty much down pat!!!

Next week will be filled with the last minute things that need to be done to prep the farm for being alone for a day or so. Then the last minute things that need to be done to prep for the big wedding day. Saturday will be a full, wonderful, beautiful day!! And we are very excited for this new change.



Most images are from Google images. Thanks Google. (But that “In Our Home” picture )


4 thoughts on “Life is Changing Again

  1. I somehow missed this post! I expect by now the excitement is all over and all is relatively calm again. My nest has been empty a long time, especially as we are so far away, but I guess yours will never be so, they’ll all keep flocking back, what a blessing!


    1. They do all show up on occasion- especially at dinner time!!! Hehehee… the wedding is over and they are off on their honeymoon now. Thanks for reading!!


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