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Chicks are OUTSIDE!!!


Spring’s warmer side has finally come out. The grass is growing and my plants are starting to bloom so nicely. Of course, many of them look terrible because of the weather and some help from the hens.. They love this garden for their dust bath area.

But the tulips and daffodils don’t seem to mind too much. They are blooming anyways. This picture is of my first bloomer this year- the Pulmonaria. Before any of the rest of them have even come up much, this one is in full bloom!! Yes- this is the warmest spot in the gardens.

And I finally was able to get the chicks outside on the grass!! They aren’t very happy with that arrangement yet. They aren’t entirely sure what to think of their home moving to a new, cleaner spot every day. They don’t seem to like the grass. I am hoping they are eating some grass and bugs.

Here they were in the chicken tractor in the shed. They seemed pretty happy in there, but they weren’t getting much sunshine and dirt. And- it took up a large part of the shed, stunk terribly and just generally was gross.

But it worked for the couple of weeks I needed it to work. Now, they are where I hoped they would be 2 weeks ago. I left the doors open for them today to go in and out if they wanted to. I just peeked out and they seem to still be inside the tractor. Maybe later today, I guess. Or maybe I will put their feed and water outside for a while to lure them out.

I put an electric poultry netting fence around the area to help keep critters out. I am hoping that between that and Millie the Mule, I will get all my chickens to the butcher for us to eat and sell. I do not like giving away free chicken dinners to whatever predators decide they want one.

Notice that hubby installed wheels on the back of the tractor. Those lift the back off the ground to help move the tractor more smoothly. They work great!! I can position them up or down to whatever I need.

This week we should get the turkeys I ordered. I need to work today on getting their set up ready. I need to scrub the feeders and waterers and prep the tank with bedding and a heat lamp. Just like what I do for the chicks. Can’t wait for them!! I am hoping to keep some for breeding and to raise my own turkeys.

Time to get some things done today! Lots to do now that the weather is cooperating!! I planted my hay bales last weekend and hopefully after all the rain we got last night, we should seem some sprouts!! This darn wedding is getting in the way of my farm life!!!

Hehe…. My Mom brought me a great stone for the garden. Should probably say, “Farming” but gardening works. Perfect for right now!!

Ah well… Plenty of time to catch up next week. We are so excited for this wedding!!



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