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Time for a Drastic Change

Some times life calls for some drastic changes.

Like when a person hits that milestone of 50 years of age, as I just did last week.

About 4 years ago, I decided to let my hair grow long. It had been short for quite some time and I just decided to let it grow and see how long I might get it.

It got pretty long. Down to the middle of my back. That’s really long for my hair.

Last year I decided that for my 50th I would cut it short and let it go gray. Of course, it wasn’t going to only be gray. I would add some fun colors- like lavender or red.

Well- today was the day. My hairdresser said, “You have too many kids to get married off for you to go gray already.” So that marked the end of the going natural part of the idea.

But- she was very happy to cut my hair short. She really had fun with that part!! She cut a bunch off- ponytails full. Then cut some more.

After that, the color went on. We discussed some colors. I was not sure since my plan had been to let it go natural. We decided on a brown/red color- just for fun. Then added some blond highlights.

And then cut some more!!!

I am so happy with the results!! It looks fabulous! It was time for a new look.

I am fully embracing 50. It’s gonna be a good decade!!

Thanks, Sarah from Revive Studio in Barton!!




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