chicken keeping

Chickens and Turkeys…


They are funny creatures.

I have one that is in a nest box. Any nest box really. She thinks she is sitting on eggs, and sometimes she is. But she moves from box to box laying on whatever eggs are there. She gets crabby and bites at whoever comes near so I have been leaving her alone- since she seems to be getting up and eating and drinking ok.

I was hoping she was laying on an actual nest of eggs and that we would have some home hatched babies.

Nope. She is just going from nest box to nest box. And being crabby.

The rest of them are doing fine. The rooster is still being a good roo and doing his job.

I took the meat chickens in a week ago. I ended up taking in 34 birds. Kind of depressing numbers again, since I had ordered 60. This was a hard spring and we lost lots to cold, wet weather. Then several just died- likely from heart attacks, which these birds are susceptible to.

We had several problems with birds this time around, besides the weather. Not as bad as last year with the fox getting so many, thank goodness. But still. Losing so many birds is hard. I am hoping to start another batch soon from a local breeder and hopefully the lessons I learned this time, will help with this next batch!

We moved the turkeys out to the pasture last weekend. Today, we will add the electrified netting around them and give them a little more room to roam. They are looking good too! The chicks I put with them have been doing a great job of training them.

The turkeys have most of their adult feathers now and are beginning to take on more of the adult turkey look. Adorable.

Soon we will add some Guinea Keets- baby Guinea birds. My brother has them for now. Until they get a little bigger.

All these birds will do a great job of eating ticks!! And other bugs, but those are the main things I want them to eat for now. I am tired of tick diseases!!

Anyways, time to get ready for the Grand Baby to get here!! Have a great day!!



By the way, if anyone is interested in plans for our chicken tractors, comment. We would be willing to share! Or if you want to order a completed one, comment. Thanks so much!


4 thoughts on “Chickens and Turkeys…

  1. Always wondered are turkeys noisy ? People at the end of our street had one before that we could hear from time to time then after Christmas nothing was kind of sad. lol. We have a chook house on a old trailer & electrified netting attached to solar battery, that I will place around our property, our land is quite hilly & rugged. Love your cranky chook ours usually get called the Aunties.


    1. They do make some noise, but we hear the chickens more than we hear the turkeys at this point. Maybe when they get older we will hear more from them. Thanks for commenting!!


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