What’s Blooming??

I am a little weird about my blooms.

I get a little more excited than the people I live with.. they find it a little odd.

I can’t help it! They are so pretty!! Check these out:

This is a new plant at my house. I actually paid money for it. It’s in a temporary spot until we get the new garden ready.
These yellow flowers a friend recently gave me. Cant wait til they fill this planter!! Beautiful!!

Would love to see some of your garden blooms!! Post a picture in the comments!




5 thoughts on “What’s Blooming??

  1. I get excited as each plant displays its beautiful flowers every year. Right now my Irises, chives and salvia are nearly done flowering. Thyme is flowering and lavender and lilies (that the bunnies and deer have not eaten) are getting ready to blossom. The wild roses are also in full bloom. I will try to get some pictures up soon. Do you know what those yellow flowers are? It seems I have a lot of purple flowers I could use some yellow for contrast.


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