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Flash Flood Warnings……

I guess sometimes you actually have to listen to the warnings.

Last night was just such a night. I rolled my eyes a little when I first saw the warning pop up on my phone. We waited all day yesterday for the “big Deluge” they said was coming. It was dark and dreary and cool all day so I did expect to see some rain.

I kept the turkey pen birds in their pen all day yesterday, just in case. My gardens needed a break from them anyway. (I have to start calling them “the Turkey pen” instead of “the Turkeys”. There are 3 turkeys, 3 guinea hens and 5 chickens in that bunch so I can’t rightly call it “the Turkeys”.)

Finally, last night, it started. Slowly, but then, it began to just pour!! Like buckets of rain!!

I mentally checked the animal situation and figured they would all be fine. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about Papa rabbit. He ended up being fine too. But I should have taken care of him initially.

We went to bed at our usual time then. Of course, my “Momma Radar” was on and I could not sleep. The usual thoughts on a night like that run through my head.

“Are the animals ok?” “Should I run out and check the turkey pen?” And on to any of a hundred combinations of those sorts of thoughts.

Then Son #5 ran in. “The room is flooding!”


We ran downstairs to find that water was seeping through Son #4’s room!! We could even hear it running down the wall behind the drywall!! We grabbed all the towels in the house and started mopping up as much as we could and moving things out of harms way.

Once it seemed to be slowing, I looked around to the other rooms nearby. The other bedroom seemed to be fine, but my “office” and storage room? Not so much….. We found water in the connected storage room too.

We have never seen that happen in my sons bedroom before. In the storage room, on a rare occasion when we have a LOT of rain, yes. Looking outside, we figured out the problem. That much rain coming down that fast, caused a large pool of water in a lower spot along the foundation of the house which poured over the foundation and down into his room.

Guess we have yet another project to work on……… That will need to be remedied somehow.

Of course, the likelihood of us getting a downpour like that again any time soon is not too good. In the end, we got over 4 inches of rain in less than 5 hours. Which wasn’t much compared to others in our area!! One person I talked to said she got 5 inches. In another city about an hour west of us, they got 12 inches. 12 INCHES!!!

That was a crazy storm.

Yes, I did go out and check the animals after the rain slowed. I found that the area Papa rabbit was in, had standing water so I grabbed him out and put into a cage higher up. Otherwise, the turkey pen birds were soaked but fine. When I went out to feed them early this morning, they were all dry and happy.

Right now, I have the contents of 2 rooms all over my basement. I had to find all my supplies to set myself up a “quiet time” spot in my sunroom for now. That took 3 of us and a little bit of time!! Then had to find all the school materials that I have for sale online to get them all in one spot. That was another real hunt!!!

My Son pulled up the trim and the carpet in his room today and we are getting that all dried out. Hopefully, we will be able to just lay that back down once its good and dry. We have fans blowing in there so that should work.

Unfortunately, the cheap laminate flooring we bought for in my office was soaked and we couldn’t save it. I pulled up the trim and the flooring in there and we hauled it out of the house tonight. I am a little worried that we might have to pull some drywall. But we will see. I also found that the flooring was wet in other areas of the room too, which does concern me quite a bit.

We will let that dry out a day or so and then we will decide what to do.

On a good note, I had been looking around lately at all the stuff that just seems to be stuffed into a storage spot here or there and thinking that I need to work on organizing and getting rid of stuff. Guess what will be happening now??!! Nothing like a little minor disaster to get me going. I have a pile of stuff started for rummage sale and already threw out a bunch.

That part feels really GOOD.

Now, while I wait for things to dry out good, I can work on cleaning and organizing stuff. And deciding what kind of flooring to put back into my office. Tile? Or a waterproof laminate??

Stay tuned.

One of the things my boys kidded me about last night at midnight as we cleaned up stuff and water, was that I had gotten pretty elaborate just to have a good blog post…..

Whatever it takes really……..



PS…. I found this zucchini yesterday in my garden. It had the cutest little decoration on it- a clover leaf heart!! A little reminder to me that God loves me I think.


10 thoughts on “Flash Flood Warnings……

    1. Hehe.. that has been my fight!! Keep it in perspective… in the past, when there has been one minor disaster after another, I could not do it. I fell apart. This time, I could manage. I guess I have learned some things in the storms of life.

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