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School is Back in Session- “Focus, Baby! Focus”

Which means I am busy again.

For lots of other people it means freedom. For me, it means I need to pay attention to what they are doing and make sure they do it well.

At least as we start the year…..

Everyone else dreads summer and Christmas breaks because their kids are home again. I don’t exactly dread school starting, but it does come close.

I like the freedom we all have over the summer, however, we get lazy. We do get a lot of projects done and my work force is awesome. We can work on projects together and most of the time its fun. We chat and talk and get the job done.

We get lazy in that we have no schedule so some teens get up at the crack of noon….

We get lazy in that we take naps in the afternoons and spend too much time on video games. (Ok- I take naps because I don’t sleep til noon…..)

It is good for us to have a schedule again. I wake 2 of them up around 830. The other is up before I am most mornings. Then we get started on school sometime around 9 for some. 10 for one. I join in as soon as my chores are done.

It’s so weird that I only have 3 at home!! Until last spring, when Horse Daughter got married, we had 5 kids at home. Then she left and Son #4 left for college the end of August……. Still adjusting to all of that. I didn’t even write blog posts about them!

We are doing a Virtual school again this year. Last year, I was very disappointed to see their grades fall and that some were allowed to get away with things they should not have. I like the schedule of the virtual school and I like that they have teachers to guide them- especially in the upper grades. I do not like that sometimes they get away with things and that their grades dropped.

Last year was difficult for us all. Hubby and I both struggled health wise. We could not keep up with their lessons and monitoring their work. They struggled because their parents didn’t feel good for months on end. Parents are not supposed to be sick!!

This year, I am hoping to do better. Hubby and I are feeling quite a bit better- though both of us still struggle health-wise. We are able to deal with those times as they come and do what we can. For schooling this year, we chose to do more project based classes that will force me to be more of an active participant in their work. It’s nice that we have that option now with this program.

I have set my mind on their schooling- I have changed my focus- to be more aware of their needs above the needs of the house and farm.

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Truthfully, I lost my focus for a time.

It happens sometimes.

The important part is that we recognize it and come back. It’s all part of life, isn’t it??

This year our focus is schooling and finding the problem areas some of us have. I am waiting to hear back from a clinic near us which will do some testing for one of the kids. He has struggled through the years in his schooling and I did think he would grow out of it. I also thought that since he had been in public school for a couple of years and then in Virtual school for a couple of years, that his teachers would see a problem too.

They didn’t. I had to bring up the question and only then did the teacher agree.

Ugh….. I wish I would have done something so much sooner.

He is one reason why I need to get my focus back. I have another one that I am hoping to get tested after this one is done for the same reasons.


I have told my kids that so many times.. “Focus, Baby! Focus”!! Then God started pointing me to it too…. Focus… Fix my gaze. At first, I didn’t like being told that I needed to focus. Soon I realized that I needed to focus.

Images courtesy of Google images

At some point, I want to write a devotional about what God showed me through those words. Maybe I will start a regular blog posting once a week. That would be a great place to start.. Add a hashtag…. Of course, someone will have to teach me that part!!

So, school has started and we are all busy getting our work done. We still need to work out our schedule a little better. There are a few glitches in our system, but it will come together soon enough. They are doing a great job so far. I am hoping that continues. Hopefully, I can sneak some time in to write more on this blog and get a book done.

Which reminds me- I have exciting and nerve-wracking news!! The OTHER thing I am focusing on this school year. I have signed a contract with a self publishing company that is connected with a much larger publishing company and I am going to get one of my books published!! It is a picture book that I attempted to get published a few years ago, but didn’t have the support and help to get it done right through that company.

This time, I have an entire support system available to me to get this done and done well.

“Focus, Baby! Focus!!”


Enough time here..

Have a blessed day,



8 thoughts on “School is Back in Session- “Focus, Baby! Focus”

  1. Congrats and publishing the book Vicki! and thanks for this message. I have had some things going on lately the have made it difficult to focus and this post spoke loud and clear. I hope you all have a great school year.


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