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Root Issues….What Are They?

All of this cleaning and reorganizing has caused me to do some reflecting.

I have a friend who had to clean out her stuff and move out of a 5 bedroom, 2 story house into a much smaller ranch style house with her son. Most of her stuff is in storage units near her.

I have been reflecting on that huge project along with her as she sorts through 20 plus years of accumulation. I have been reflecting as I sort through just 7 years of accumulation in my own house from the flooding in the basement.


Really… Why do we need to collect stuff? Why do we allow “stuff” to take over our lives? What makes us “need” to keep it? Or be content with allowing it to stay?

I am also thinking on my body. Why have I been content for so many years to ignore pain issues? To ignore digestive issues? Sure I do this or that when both became impossible to ignore, but to address the root cause? No. I didn’t do that.

Nor do we like to do that when it comes to keeping stuff.

Sometimes it takes a major crisis to make us deal with our issues.

For my friend, it was the sudden decision that the house needed to be sold. For me, in my body, it was the realization that I couldn’t ignore the signs anymore. My body had decided enough was enough. Then the flooding in my basement alerted me to a much bigger problem that needed dealing with.

Sometimes a crisis is a wake up call for us to deal with the root issue.

Sometimes it takes several of these crisis’ to actually come to terms with a root issue.

Sometimes even then, we refuse to acknowledge the root issues.

Guess what? If we don’t deal with the root issues, we will still have the problem.

That kind of stinks really.

But yet. It’s truth.

It takes some time to deal with root issues and that in itself can be frustrating. But, in the struggle is where we learn.

I have learned more about healthy eating and lifestyle in this year. Much of it I have known but not implemented on a practical level. Now, I know the importance of these practices. Now I know how important it is for the body to eliminate properly. Too much elimination is a problem just as much as too little. Keeping a balance is key to good health.

Reading labels and knowing what kinds of foods are being put into the body is important. Some foods are known to trigger inflammation in the body and need to be eliminated.

Even feeding my birds proper nutrition is important because we eat them and eat their eggs.

Now that I am dealing with the basement clean up, I am realizing that I have allowed “stuff” to get backed up. If I am not using it, why am I holding on to it?? I have things in my basement that have not ever been used in this house!

Image courtesy of google images

I wrote a post last week about my process in eliminating excess stuff in my house. Here is the criteria I wrote about as I sort my stuff:

  • Do I NEED this?
  • Do I WANT this?

If those are both no, then,

  • Should I SELL this?
  • Should I Give this?
  • Should I throw this away?

In my clean up, I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff. I have taken 2 van loads of stuff to the local thrift stores in my area. (Not mini-van. I have a VAN. Remember, I have 9 kids. I have a 15 passenger van.) I have made a good amount of money on stuff that I have sold. And, tossed out quite a bit of stuff that needed to just go.

Really, why do we hold on to stuff that just needs to get thrown out??!!! And yet, every time I clean and organize a bedroom, storage room or any room, there is ALWAYS stuff I need to just throw out!!! WHY??!!!

I still have one more area I need to just sort through. A corner in the basement of my stuff from my office area, that is no more. I really just have to get through it- I know. But for some reason that particular pile is intimidating me. I will write about it as I sort through it.

Courtesy google images

Sorting stuff and sorting out foods are not that much different, I am learning. As I go grocery shopping, I need to read the labels and sort out the NEED from the WANT. Then, what is GOOD for our bodies and what is BAD for our bodies.

In dealing with Root Issues, we always need to be discerning and questioning. The definition from the “Free Dictionary” referring to the “Root of the Problem” says this: an understanding of the causes or basis of a problem.

Have I addressed the root of my health issues? Yes. We are getting to the roots and are dealing with them. It takes time and is frustratingly slow. But, we are getting to the WHY.

I, and my friend, have come to terms with the “need” to hold on to stuff and both of us are continuing to get rid of excess and deal with the rest in a healthy manner. Something all of us need to do on a regular basis.

Look for the roots and deal with them in a healthy manner before the crisis hits. Make it a goal. Or use the crisis to deal with the roots and make the healthy changes needed.




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