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Finally Finished..

Finally finished that last pile. The last pile of stuff needing sorting and putting away.

That took FOREVER… but it is done. Sometimes its just the thought of something that is intimidating more than the actual doing of the project.

And that is what happened with this last pile of stuff.

Last intimidating pile of stuff…

Most of it really was just needing to find new homes- even if they are just temporary. I had in there a pile of stuff I want to hang in the kitchen when I redo some things in there. But haven’t really decided what exactly I want to do. So that is all sorted and temporarily stashed in the completed storage room.

Everything in there is neatly organized and put away. I am kind of excited about that.

Weird I suppose, but I like stuff organized. Put away neatly or gotten rid of if I am not using it.

About halfway through the pile

I have a desk area now in the sunroom for creating. I have all my sketchbooks and tools neatly laid out on the desk or on the shelves under it. Some tools I don’t use often are on shelves not far away. All of it has been sorted using my system:

  • Do I NEED it
  • Do I WANT it

Then through the next steps:

  • If the answer is no, then where does it need to go?
    • Garbage?
    • Thrift shop?
  • If the answer is yes, then where in the house does it need to go?
For the Thrift Store

I am so relieved now that all is put into order and I can move on now to other projects. Like fall yard and garden clean up.

Which, accidentally started today when I realized that last night I totally forgot to make sure the door between the coop and the garden was not latched properly. Needless to say, the birds are doing a nice job of cleaning up the garden for me.

Oh well. There wasn’t much left for picking anymore anyway.

A picture from last year.

6 thoughts on “Finally Finished..

    1. If you just keep focusing on the portion at hand, you can keep it from getting overwhelming. It really is shocking how we let it build up like that sometimes. But, once its done, be sure to keep it that way!

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