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FOCUS, BABY, FOCUS- Fully Immerse Yourself

Last week, I lost my focus for a bit…


I got an email from one of my children’s teachers just before I went to bed. The email was informing me that my child cheated on a test.

Oh my goodness……

I spent the next hour or more in my head making up all these scenarios where all 3 of my school age children were cheating on ALL their schoolwork!!

Of course, I was laying awake in my bed- so tired and wanting to sleep, but I couldn’t because of my mind going 100 miles an hour making up imaginary scenarios.

I am sure none of you ever do that.

You all can collect your thoughts and bring them into order right away. Or maybe you never ever let your mind go into imaginary scenarios and that is just something I do.

I that case, carry on. Go on to the next blog post or FB article.

I will then just continue this blog post for my own benefit. And maybe the handful of the rest of you that actually are honest and admit to doing this too.

How often do we as Mom’s, even Dad’s sometimes, do this? Way too often, I am sure.

We can take the most normal situation sometimes and turn it into the most horrific scenario in no time fast. If we aren’t careful, we can lose our peace and make it actually happen!

In Romans 13:14 we are called to “Fully immerse ourselves into the Lord Jesus. Don’t wast even a moments thoughts on your former identity to awaken its selfish desires.” Don’t awaken our selfish desires. Interesting. Think about that. Other versions say “lust of the flesh” or “make no provision for the flesh”. Most of the time, we think of other things than selfish desires. But, I would say that sometimes, worry and making up doom and gloom scenarios can also fit here.

When we created these scenarios of doom and gloom, we are worrying. We are turning our focus on ourselves and making it all about ourselves. I need to fix this. I need to confront that. I need to deal with this in a big way.

Then we lose our peace and yet another sleepless night happens. Yet another day is stolen away while we worry about another problem that, in reality, is not that big of a problem. Or, better yet, its not our problem.

In my scenarios, all of the problems my kids were having were now mine because I wasn’t watching them enough. I wasn’t on top of their school work. I was a bad Mom, yet again and I failed.

After a time of wallowing in these problems, I finally came to my senses and gave them all over to God. I prayed a prayer that went something like this;

I’m sorry God for worrying about this. I am sorry for making this my problem. I take authority over all these thoughts of my kids cheating, and I give them over to you. I thank you that you can take all these thoughts and give me peace. I choose to rest now in your peace. Thank you, Papa God. Amen.

Soon after, I fell asleep. In the morning, I had a good talk with my son and the rest of them about cheating on their schoolwork. He had simply made a bad choice about a question on the test. The other 2 had not been cheating.

HE HAD MADE THE CHOICE. Not me. It was HIS problem- not mine.

He had a conversation with his teacher and was able to fix the problem correctly, because he told her the truth of what he had done.

If I had allowed myself to play out the scenario I had in my head, this would have been a horrific event in our household. Trust me, I know. It’s happened. Then I have had to go back and have the conversation that starts with something like, “I’m sorry.”

Instead, I chose to “Fully Immerse Myself” in Jesus and not allow my own selfish desires to awaken and carry me into a tizzy. I chose peace.

I am learning.

If you struggle with these things as I have, feel free to pray the prayer above as often as you need to. Of course, insert your own problem or scenario where I wrote cheating. Or you can use this prayer:

Father, I am sorry for wasting a moments thought on my former identity to awaken its selfish desires. I am sorry Lord for making these momentary problems about me. Lord, I choose to fully immerse myself in you, Lord Jesus, The Anointed One and leave those thoughts in your capable hands. Thank you for the peace that you give me in return. I choose to rest now in that peace. Thank you Father. Amen.



PS I have discovered this past year, the Passion Translation of the Bible by Brian Simmons. I am finding new understanding to the scriptures! No, its not different, just a new understanding. Brian Simmons is taking the scriptures and looking at all the ancient languages used in the Bible, and translating the passages from there.

Aramaic and Hebrew are related linguistically, and both are considered to be passionate and poetic. Greek speaks to the mind while Aramaic-Hebrew speaks powerfully to the heart,” says Simmons. “By referencing the text written in the very language in which Jesus taught, and then overlaying that with the Greek, we are able to translate the root meanings of the Scriptures in a new, fresh way.” CBN’s Beth Patch, lead Producer at


6 thoughts on “FOCUS, BABY, FOCUS- Fully Immerse Yourself

  1. Thank God we have God, haha. Fantastic parenting, we are raising adults not children & being responsible for their own mistakes makes for a better happier adult in both parent & adult to be. Thanks for sharing your inspiring.


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