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New Years Eve and Goals for the New Year

Here I am working on goals for the New Year at 2am. I can’t sleep so I may as well be productive, right??

True confessions, I have fallen off the health food wagon and down a cliff because here I sit eating some chocolate covered caramels and those angel food candies.

Well- it is 2 am………….

It could be worse.

But.. While I am feeling guilty for eating candy at 2 am, I am also working on setting some goals for the new year. I am trying hard to set and keep some goals. Last year, I did pretty good for the first part of the year. The second half?

Let’s just say, we caught up on the first half goals and also started some new goals/projects. Accidentally/on purpose. Sort of.

Ok. Really, we just lost momentum or got caught up in the momentum that is life sometimes. Like a wave tossed us around for a few months until we ended up here on the eve of 2019 with quite a few projects unfinished, goals unmet, and new projects in mind.


Like one of my blog series is called; “FOCUS BABY, FOCUS!”

I really try and sometimes when those waves carry me away, its all I can do to just keep my eyes on the horizon.

Then someone says, “squirrel!” Or “Puppy!” And next thing I know I have 2 puppies and a bunch of stains in the carpet.

This is how my brain goes at 3 am, aren’t you glad you get to read this blog post??!!

Anyways- working on goals. And focus…. and its 3 am and I really need to get some sleep.

This year, I taped paper to the wall in the kitchen and put out sharpie markers. (Note- the paper is up too high for the Grandbabies to reach it and Youngest Daughter is 12. I SHOULDN’T have a problem with sharpies, a kitchen wall and paper taped to it!) I have invited everyone in the house to ponder the questions posed there.

  • This year, I would like to DO or TRY.
  • I would like to GO.
  • I would like to SEE.
  • I would like to ACCOMPLISH.
  • Areas I would like a “Do-Over” in.
  • I also added a section that is more of a think about this see what your response should be to it: “I would like to focus on my relationships with God, Family and cultivate these friendships”.
  • I wanted them to be a little open ended and let them consider what their responses to these questions might be. I have some things written on the sheets and so has Hubby and Youngest Daughter. The boys thus far have been distracted by other things, but I have made a point of showing it to them and asking them to think about the questions.
  • I will leave it up for a time- until it occurs to me to finish the exercise and write down some responses. Hopefully before Easter. The goal would be in a week to talk it all through and write it all down.
  • That’s the goal anyway.
  • If the waves and the puppies don’t distract me too much.
  • If I posed those questions to you, what would your responses be?

  • Blessings,
  • Vicki
  • PS- if you want to see what I did last year to set goals and plan a little for the year, you can find that post here.
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