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Focus Baby, Focus: Scattered Dreams

I have too many dreams. I want to do everything and do it all now.

I simply can’t do that. I am only one person. When that one person tries to do too many things, none of them get done well.

I am trying to narrow my focus.

I just read a post on fb about dreaming a mediocre dream. It’s so good!! I have read posts like this before and it resonates with me. The fact is that we can all dream a BIG dream and that is a good thing. But, most of us cannot, simply as a statement of truth, achieve that big dream.

What is required of us to accomplish that BIG dream, isn’t what we are capable of.

Neither can we accomplish so many dreams.

We have to find our focus.

I had the experience on Christmas Day to shoot my new 22 rifle I got for my birthday. I haven’t shot it one time until that day. It has a scope on it so I had to look through the scope in order to line up the sites on the target. It’s been a long time since I used a scope. I had to line things up right in order to even see through it correctly. Then, I had to line the crosshairs up on the target to the bullseye. It took some time because I am not used to it all.

If I wanted to hit the target, I had to be able to see through the scope and line up the crosshairs to the bullseye. Once I did that, I could actually hit the target- and occasionally the bullseye!

Focus Baby, Focus! I had to find my focus.

A BIG dream requires extreme focus and skill. Time and patience. Dedication and diligence.

Many people have those skills and those are the people who achieve the BIG things. Praise God for those people and if you are one of those- Thank you. Thank you for the BIG things YOU are achieving!! Keep going if you haven’t yet gotten it. Keep your focus and keep on doing what you are doing!

I don’t have that kind of focus.

Not for a BIG dream. I have a BIG family so my focus needs to be there first. Well- second. God is my first priority. If my focus isn’t on Him first, all the rest just falls apart.

So second, my focus needs to be on my BIG family. That in itself, I suppose, is a BIG dream. I have to keep my focus on them and help them be all they have been created to be first. I still have kids in the house that need me to be the Mom. And, to be honest, the young adult kids still need me to be the Mom yet too. A different version, but still a Mom. And now a Grandma too.

Third, my focus has to be on my home and farm. I have animals that need me to be present. They need care. My land needs my attention too. I can’t just let it lie and not care for it. Not only that, but SOMEONE has to be the Grown up and take care of the home and property! If something needs to be cleaned, mowed, weeded, or otherwise taken care of, that is what I am here for. DELEGATING. If there is no one to delegate to, that person is then, by default, me.

After that- if I have any energy left, I could write. I could write a blog post or a children’s book. I could draw. I could crochet. I could learn about essential oils or nutrition or gardening. I could learn how to care for my animals better and do some training with them. I could focus on any of a rather large number of other things I would really like to focus on.

And sometimes, I can. But I have to realize that is pretty far down on the list and I need to keep my other focuses in my sites. I could shoot at all of the targets and hit none of them. Or I can shoot at one target and hit it well. Obviously, I can shoot at other targets on occasion, but I still need to keep the main target in my sites too.

Last year I focused on getting a Master Gardener certification. I have a few hours I need to finish yet, but I can order my name tag stating that I am indeed a Master Gardener. Last fall, I finished my first children’s book. I have to complete some tasks yet, and return it to the printing company for publication.

Now, I am sending my last 3 kids off to school so that they can be the best they can be. We are not achieving that here at home. I need to be their cheerleader from a different perspective for right now.

Sometimes, dreaming a BIG dream is an awesome thing to do.

But very often, dreaming a BIG dream means living the life you have and focusing on what is before you and making THAT a BIG dream. Obtain success in a big way with the people that are nearest you. Be the best you, you can be. Become the best family you can be. Become the best employee or employer you can be.

Make a difference in the world right there where you are.

My focus always has to be first on God. From that place, I can find His help and guidance. From there, I can set my sites on what I need to focus on. So, yes, I set goals and I dream big. I need to keep my focus on what is important.

I think of the quote from Walt Disney;

It’s the little things, that become BIG things that are important. Keep your focus today. Blessings,



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